Disease-Ridden Abomination  

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Zone:The Hole
Possible Classes:Shadowknight
Difficulty:^ ^ ^ Epic x3
Purpose:Caertaxian Legion
Classifications:Human, Humanoid, Noblooded, Nocharm, Old World, Organic, Skeleton, Terrestrial
Grants AA

NameLevelTypeDrop Rate
a skeleton arm 0Item21%
a skeleton reanimation rune 0Item21%
a skeleton objurgatory hunger 0Item21%
a skeleton sorrow core 0Item21%
a skeleton leg 0Item21%
Twisted Skull Sculpture 90Shield12.500%
Mutating Sash 90Accessory12.500%
Mangled Leather Cloak 90Accessory12.500%
Tattered Adventurer Cloak 90Accessory12.500%
Inhuman Bone Earring 90Accessory12.500%
Teardrop of Shame 90Accessory12.500%
Fierce Dwarven Brew 90Shield12.500%
Grisly Flesh Ring 90Accessory12.500%
Tarnished Gold Coin 90Accessory12.500%
Collar of the Monstrosity 90Accessory12.500%
Extradimensional Cloak 90Accessory12.500%
Maul of Darkest Aversion 90Weapon12.500%
Branded Bracelet 90Accessory12.500%
Girdle of Savagery 90Accessory12.500%
Elf Hide Cloak 90Accessory12.500%
Soulsiphon Curio 90Accessory12.500%
Peanut Brittle 0Item10%
skeleton love note 0Item5%
Amber Scrying Stone 0Item1.250%
Amber Amulet 0Item1.250%
Titanium Relic 0Item1.250%
Ozocerite Wax Sealed Document 0Item1.250%
an Erudin amulet 0Item0.400%
broken sword hilt 0Item0.400%
polished amber orb 0Item0.400%
runic book 0Item0.400%
void-soaked flower 0Item0.400%