a phoboplasm  

Zone:Shard of Fear
Possible Classes:Guardian
Level:72 - 73
Difficulty:^ ^ ^ Heroic
Classifications:Amorphous, Coldblooded, Gelatinous Cube, Living, Organic, Planar, Terrestrial
NameLevelTypeDrop Rate
a vial of viscid slime 0Item25%
Candy Corn 0Item10%
a viscous membrane 0Item2%
small meaty bone 0Item1%
flask of pure water 0Item1%
Advanced Adornments Volume 6 0Recipe Book1%
small bag of ammonium nitrate 0Item1%
Blueprint: Safety Recaller 0Recipe Book0.500%
Blueprint: Hovering Device 0Recipe Book0.500%
Star Sapphire Scrying Stone 0Item0.4138%
Bayberry Sealed Document 0Item0.4138%
Indicolite Relic 0Item0.4138%
Star Sapphire Amulet 0Item0.4138%
Iridescent Crystal 0Item0.125%
brightly glowing tome 0Item0.125%
blade leaf 0Item0.125%
old tinkered clock 0Item0.125%
aged platinum symbol 0Item0.125%
brimstone 0Item0.125%
eye of vul 0Item0.125%
blood flower 0Item0.125%
Stained Yellow Legplates 70Armor0.100%
Mark of the Faceless 70Shield0.100%
Frighteningly Handsome Doll 70Shield0.100%
Fear-encased Armguards 70Armor0.100%
Carmine Gloves 70Armor0.100%
Boots of Trepidation 70Armor0.100%
Band of Pure Panic 70Accessory0.100%
Sweat-soaked Shoulderpads 70Armor0.100%
Dawnfear, the Reaper 70Weapon0.100%
Frightful Sash 70Accessory0.100%
Faceless Shield 70Shield0.100%
Nautilus Shield 70Shield0.100%
Berserker's Ring 70Accessory0.100%
Shield of Rainbow Hues 70Shield0.100%
Fear-hardened Vambraces 70Armor0.100%
Terrifying Anklebiters 70Armor0.100%
Trypanophobic Towershield 70Shield0.100%
Anxious Earring 70Accessory0.100%
Umbral Platemail Breastplate 70Armor0.100%
Aphotic Choker 70Accessory0.100%
Agitated Epaulets 70Armor0.100%
Fearseeker 70Weapon0.100%
Shadow Rage Leggings 70Armor0.100%
Stagefright-Stricken Semicircle 70Accessory0.100%
Unfocused Legwraps 70Armor0.100%
Fear-shrouded Wristbands 70Armor0.100%
Fear-infused Bracers 70Armor0.100%
Blighted Sleeves 70Armor0.100%
Spooky Bone Hoop 70Accessory0.100%
Sweat-soaked Headband 70Armor0.100%