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Zone:The Crypt of T'Haen: Vengeance
Difficulty:v v v
Classifications:Breakable Object, Nodrag, Terrestrial

NameLevelTypeDrop Rate
Potion of Lesser Rejuvenation 30Potion8.500%
Potion of Lesser Replenishment 30Potion8.500%
Potion of Lesser Restoration 30Potion8.500%
Potion of Lesser Regeneration 30Potion8.500%
Potion of Medium Replenishment 30Potion5.6667%
Potion of Medium Regeneration 30Potion5.6667%
Potion of Medium Rejuvenation 30Potion5.6667%
Potion of Medium Restoration 30Potion5.6667%
Potion of Greater Replenishment 30Potion2.8333%
Potion of Deftness 30Potion2.8333%
Potion of Greater Rejuvenation 30Potion2.8333%
Potion of Greater Restoration 30Potion2.8333%
Potion of Stoutness 30Potion2.8333%
Potion of Hardening 30Potion2.8333%
Potion of Sharpness 30Potion2.8333%
Potion of Greater Regeneration 30Potion2.8333%
Potion of Brawn 30Potion2.8333%
Potion of Adeptness 30Potion2.8333%
Bloodguard Ring 33Accessory0.250%
Ring of the Eternal 33Accessory0.250%
Sash of Immortal Legions 33Accessory0.250%
Ring of Sanguine Enchantments 33Accessory0.250%
Sash of Perpetual Darkness 33Accessory0.250%
Earring of the Eventide 33Accessory0.250%
Bracelet of Dark Whispers 33Accessory0.250%
Coterie Necklace of Exile 33Accessory0.250%
Bloodguard Platemail Pauldrons 33Armor0.1667%
Cave Dweller's Pants 33Armor0.1667%
Eventide Silk Cap 33Armor0.1667%
Vampire-Forged Vanguard Gauntlets 33Armor0.1667%
Coterie Leather Pants 33Armor0.1667%
Vampire-Forged Vanguard Sabatons 33Armor0.1667%
Coterie Leather Gloves 33Armor0.1667%
Antiquated Cloth Bloomers 33Armor0.1667%
Defiled Sanguine Brigandine Footpads 33Armor0.1667%
Antiquated Cloth Sleeves 33Armor0.1667%
Chainmail Coif of Dark Whispers 33Armor0.1667%
Cave Dweller's Skullcap 33Armor0.1667%
Vampire-Forged Vanguard Greaves 33Armor0.1667%
Chainmail Bracers of Dark Whispers 33Armor0.1667%
Bloodguard Platemail Gauntlets 33Armor0.1667%
Eventide Silk Pantaloons 33Armor0.1667%
Cave Dweller's Gloves 33Armor0.1667%
Coterie Leather Boots 33Armor0.1667%
Chainmail Gloves of Dark Whispers 33Armor0.1667%
Eventide Silk Cowl 33Armor0.1667%
Defiled Sanguine Brigandine Helm 33Armor0.1667%
Antiquated Cloth Gloves 33Armor0.1667%
Defiled Sanguine Brigandine Handguards 33Armor0.1667%
Bloodguard Platemail Tonlets 33Armor0.1667%