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Zone:Ykesha's Inner Stronghold
Possible Classes:Shadowknight
Difficulty:^ ^ ^ Epic x4
Purpose:Legendary Warlord
Classifications:Humanoid, Noblooded, Nocharm, Nodrag, Organic, Terrestrial, Troll, Zombie

General strat: Start by stacking up almost on top of the archmagi. Have an AE tank tank everything, have a tank drag the assassin away to eliminate one of the melee AE's and have another tank pick up generic adds (spawn 30 sec into the fight) and the memwiping adds (cavalier and the two bodyguards).

Make sure you burn down the archmagi as fast as you can (possibly before the first set of generic adds pop. It helps to use a lot of single target DPS on it instead of using a lot of AE dps (don't think about your parse the first time you do it).

Make sure everyone in the raid got the warbeads and if your screen turns purple use the warbeads.

The archmagi ports random DPS up to another room and you will have to solo a mob up there to get a shard that ports you back to the entrance which is why its furthermost important that you make sure that you kill the archmagi fastest possible.

When you have burned the archmagi down, you continue to burn the healer down, cavalier, two body guards (might wanna adjust if you have a shitty tank on the body guards as it will ease some of the deaths if you kill them first but will require more firepower since the healer will… do I really have to say that? Lol). Take the assassin for last as he is tanked away from the bunch.

Make sure that you kill all the generic adds as soon as possible when they pop (don't chase them down but make them path to you and burn them down). Warlocks and chanters can group root/group stun and just burn them down.

One thing to joust is the melee AE that Ykesha got. Also when you are going after the assassin, joust his aswell.


  • First melee AE and deathtouch is 35-40 seconds into the fight.
  • Bodyguards and calvalier memwipes
  • The deathtouch is a curse
  • There is a no target curse which is a semi rare event
  • There is a curse that debuffs you with -crit and -basedmg ect. which is common
  • If the bodyguards and calvalier are impossible to deal with, adjust and kill them first after the archmagi
  • Optional: Archmagi -> Assassin due to low HP and the freeing of a tank that can help with the memwiping mobs.

Thanks to Lithin.com for giving this to the EQ2 community.

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