Zone:The Underrot Caverns
Possible Classes:Berserker
Level:37 - 38
Classifications:Direwolf, Living, Nocharm, Old World, Organic, Quadruped, Terrestrial, Warmblooded, Wolf
Grants AA
NameLevelTypeDrop Rate
burial embalmed gloves 30Armor50%
burial embalmed boots 30Armor50%
silver bracelet of reconnaissance 30Accessory33.3333%
primal platemail tontlets 30Armor33.3333%
earring of lethargy 30Accessory33.3333%
silver earring of reconnaissance 30Accessory33.3333%
ring of primal nature 30Accessory33.3333%
graverobber's brigandine leggings 30Armor33.3333%
graverobber's silver collar 30Accessory33.3333%
obsidian shard necklace 30Accessory33.3333%
primal platemail pauldrons 30Armor33.3333%
graverobber's leather belt 30Accessory33.3333%
band of lethargy 30Accessory33.3333%
graverobber's brigandine helm 30Armor33.3333%
belt of primal nature 30Accessory33.3333%
graverobber's silver bracelet 30Accessory33.3333%
burial embalmed neck band 30Accessory33.3333%
bracelet of primal nature 30Accessory33.3333%
graverobber's brigandine wristguards 30Armor33.3333%
primal platemail legplates 30Armor33.3333%
fog grimmin cloth gloves 31Armor14.2857%
fog grimmin cloth bloomers 31Armor14.2857%
fog grimmin cloth shoes 31Armor14.2857%
fog grimmin cloth cape 31Armor14.2857%
fog grimmin cloth vest 31Armor14.2857%
fog grimmin cloth cap 31Armor14.2857%
fog grimmin cloth sleeves 31Armor14.2857%
canine saliva 0Item12.500%
etched leather pelt 0Item12.500%
Cupcake 0Item10%
graverobber's iron kite shield 31Shield3.8462%
graverobber's iron tipped spear 30Weapon3.8462%
dirk of reconnaissance 31Weapon3.8462%
troglodyte fist wraps 30Weapon3.8462%
symbol of lethargy 31Shield3.8462%
primal iron maul 30Weapon3.8462%
feysteel brigandine wristguards 34Armor2.8571%
feysteel brigandine helm 31Armor2.8571%
feysteel brigandine boots 31Armor2.8571%
feysteel brigandine leggings 33Armor2.8571%
feysteel brigandine chestguard 30Armor2.8571%
feysteel brigandine shoulder pads 29Armor2.8571%
feysteel brigandine handguards 33Armor2.8571%
engraved leather sheath 35Weapon2.500%
engraved leather bandolier 25Weapon2.500%
oakwood buckler 33Shield2.500%
Oakwood Long Bow 30Weapon2.500%
Feysteel Kite Shield 34Shield2.500%
Oakwood Round Shield 34Shield2.500%
feysteel tower shield 34Shield2.500%
heavy oakwood bow 34Weapon2.500%
engraved leather pouch 35Weapon2.500%
Oakwood Short Bow 29Weapon2.500%
engraved leather satchel 35Weapon2.500%
heavy oakwood bow 28Weapon2.500%
Strong Blood of the Wolf 30Potion2%
architect's cape 33Armor1.4286%
engraved leather wristpads 34Armor1.4286%
feysteel platemail helm 32Armor1.4286%
architect's gloves 32Armor1.4286%
engraved leather shoulderpads 33Armor1.4286%
architect's cap 31Armor1.4286%
feysteel platemail pauldrons 33Armor1.4286%
engraved leather pants 34Armor1.4286%
feysteel platemail gauntlets 28Armor1.4286%
silvril vanguard sabatons 34Armor1.4286%
silvril vanguard greaves 28Armor1.4286%
engraved leather tunic 34Armor1.4286%
woven engraved pants 31Armor1.4286%
architect's bloomers 24Armor1.4286%
woven engraved skullcap 33Armor1.4286%
cloth mitts 30Armor1.4286%
feysteel platemail breastplate 25Armor1.4286%
silvril vanguard gussets 28Armor1.4286%
engraved leather boots 25Armor1.4286%
woven engraved tunic 34Armor1.4286%
woven engraved wristpads 32Armor1.4286%
cloth pantaloons 31Armor1.4286%
architect's sleeves 30Armor1.4286%
silvril vanguard cuirass 32Armor1.4286%
woven engraved boots 31Armor1.4286%
engraved leather gloves 28Armor1.4286%
woven engraved gloves 34Armor1.4286%
engraved leather skullcap 33Armor1.4286%
silvril vanguard barbute 33Armor1.4286%
silvril vanguard gauntlets 31Armor1.4286%
feysteel platemail tonlets 30Armor1.4286%
woven engraved shoulderpads 32Armor1.4286%
Feysteel Platemail Vambraces 34Armor1.4286%
cloth cuffs 25Armor1.4286%
cloth shawl 30Armor1.4286%
cloth cap 31Armor1.4286%
architect's vest 28Armor1.4286%
feysteel platemail legplates 31Armor1.4286%
cloth slippers 33Armor1.4286%
architect's shoes 25Armor1.4286%
silvril vanguard spaulders 34Armor1.4286%
cloth blouse 33Armor1.4286%
Feysteel Maul 34Weapon1.250%
Feysteel Flail 30Weapon1.250%
Oakwood Cudgel 25Weapon1.250%
Feysteel Mace 25Weapon1.250%
Feysteel Sceptre 32Weapon1.250%
Feysteel Battle Hammer 29Weapon1.250%
Feysteel Morning Star 30Weapon1.250%
Feysteel Scourge 28Weapon1.250%
Feysteel Parrying Blade 25Weapon0.9091%
Oakwood Quarterstaff 34Weapon0.9091%
Oakwood Fighting Batons 29Weapon0.9091%
Oakwood Wand 34Weapon0.9091%
Feysteel Stiletto 33Weapon0.9091%
Feysteel Sai 24Weapon0.9091%
Feysteel Dagger 34Weapon0.9091%
Feysteel Kris 34Weapon0.9091%
Feysteel Wizard's Dagger 25Weapon0.9091%
Oakwood Bo 28Weapon0.9091%
Oakwood Sorcerer's Staff 24Weapon0.9091%
ruthenium torque 0Weapon0.8333%
ruthenium band 31Accessory0.8333%
opal bracelet 29Accessory0.8333%
ruthenium bangle 34Accessory0.8333%
cloth scarf 0Accessory0.8333%
opal earring 33Accessory0.8333%
feysteel girdle 28Accessory0.8333%
cloth sash 30Accessory0.8333%
ruthenium hoop 30Accessory0.8333%
engraved leather belt 32Accessory0.8333%
opal ring 24Accessory0.8333%
opal necklace 28Accessory0.8333%
etched leather bandolier 36Weapon0.775%
etched leather satchel 36Weapon0.775%
etched leather pouch 36Weapon0.775%
briarwood buckler 35Shield0.775%
etched leather sheath 36Weapon0.775%
heavy briarwood bow 35Weapon0.775%
heavy briarwood bow 35Weapon0.775%
briarwood short bow 33Weapon0.775%
briarwood long bow 32Weapon0.775%
briarwood round shield 33Shield0.775%
feyiron kite shield 34Shield0.775%
feyiron tower shield 34Shield0.775%
Feysteel Flamberge 32Weapon0.5882%
Feysteel Bastard Sword 28Weapon0.5882%
Feysteel Knuckles 31Weapon0.5882%
Feysteel Hatchet 33Weapon0.5882%
Feysteel Harpoon 30Weapon0.5882%
engraved leather fist wraps 34Weapon0.5882%
Feysteel Claymore 34Weapon0.5882%
Feysteel Lance 29Weapon0.5882%
Feysteel Tomahawk 32Weapon0.5882%
Feysteel Battle Axe 32Weapon0.5882%
Feysteel Crescent Axe 34Weapon0.5882%
Feysteel Double Headed Axe 29Weapon0.5882%
Feysteel Assault Axe 32Weapon0.5882%
Feysteel Hand Axe 33Weapon0.5882%
Feysteel Military Pick 24Weapon0.5882%
Feysteel Halberd 34Weapon0.5882%
Feysteel Bardiche 34Weapon0.5882%
signet of corruption 30Accessory0.500%
placid rune necklace 30Accessory0.500%
placid rune bracelet 30Accessory0.500%
Feysteel Short Sword 33Weapon0.4762%
Feysteel Epee 33Weapon0.4762%
Feysteel Falchion 31Weapon0.4762%
Feysteel Tribal Spear 31Weapon0.4762%
Feysteel Karabela 34Weapon0.4762%
Feysteel Leafblade 34Weapon0.4762%
Feysteel Trident 24Weapon0.4762%
Feysteel Long Sword 33Weapon0.4762%
Feysteel Tulwar 30Weapon0.4762%
Feysteel Javelin 30Weapon0.4762%
Feysteel Spear 30Weapon0.4762%
Feysteel Rapier 34Weapon0.4762%
Feysteel Spatha 34Weapon0.4762%
Feysteel War Axe 30Weapon0.4762%
Feysteel Short Spear 28Weapon0.4762%
Feysteel Foil 32Weapon0.4762%
Feysteel Voulge 28Weapon0.4762%
Feysteel Ornate Spear 28Weapon0.4762%
engraved leather whip 31Weapon0.4762%
Feysteel Scimitar 34Weapon0.4762%
Feysteel Kukri 32Weapon0.4762%
broadcloth pantaloons 30Armor0.4429%
woven etched pants 29Armor0.4429%
feyiron brigandine helm 32Armor0.4429%
woven etched tunic 31Armor0.4429%
feyiron brigandine chestguard 32Armor0.4429%
feyiron brigandine shoulder pads 30Armor0.4429%
feyiron brigandine boots 32Armor0.4429%
broadcloth cap 33Armor0.4429%
woven etched gloves 35Armor0.4429%
broadcloth blouse 35Armor0.4429%
broadcloth mitts 32Armor0.4429%
woven etched skullcap 35Armor0.4429%
broadcloth cuffs 29Armor0.4429%
broadcloth shawl 35Armor0.4429%
feyiron brigandine handguards 32Armor0.4429%
woven etched wristpads 34Armor0.4429%
feyiron brigandine wristguards 30Armor0.4429%
woven etched shoulderpads 32Armor0.4429%
broadcloth slippers 34Armor0.4429%
feyiron brigandine leggings 33Armor0.4429%
woven etched boots 33Armor0.4429%
placid rune pouch 30Weapon0.375%
feyiron flail 31Weapon0.310%
feyiron mace 30Weapon0.310%
briarwood cudgel 31Weapon0.310%
feyiron sceptre 30Weapon0.310%
feyiron scourge 35Weapon0.310%
feyiron maul 29Weapon0.310%
feyiron great flail 32Weapon0.310%
feyiron warhammer 32Weapon0.310%
feyiron battle hammer 34Weapon0.310%
feyiron morning star 29Weapon0.310%
opaline bracelet 29Accessory0.2583%
velium band 29Accessory0.2583%
broadcloth sash 29Accessory0.2583%
etched leather belt 30Accessory0.2583%
feyiron girdle 34Accessory0.2583%
velium torque 32Accessory0.2583%
broadcloth scarf 33Accessory0.2583%
opaline earring 29Accessory0.2583%
opaline ring 31Accessory0.2583%
opaline necklace 30Accessory0.2583%
velium bangle 35Accessory0.2583%
velium hoop 34Accessory0.2583%
briarwood sorcerer's staff 33Weapon0.2385%
feyiron stiletto 35Weapon0.2385%
feyiron dirk 32Weapon0.2385%
feyiron sai 32Weapon0.2385%
feyiron parrying blade 30Weapon0.2385%
briarwood bo 32Weapon0.2385%
briarwood fighting batons 30Weapon0.2385%
briarwood greatstaff 31Weapon0.2385%
feyiron dagger 32Weapon0.2385%
feyiron wizard's dagger 32Weapon0.2385%
briarwood wand 32Weapon0.2385%
briarwood quarterstaff 34Weapon0.2385%
feyiron kris 29Weapon0.2385%
feyiron sabre 34Weapon0.1632%
feyiron short spear 31Weapon0.1632%
feyiron scimitar 32Weapon0.1632%
feyiron karabela 34Weapon0.1632%
feyiron short sword 35Weapon0.1632%
feyiron falchion 32Weapon0.1632%
etched leather whip 31Weapon0.1632%
feyiron ornate spear 32Weapon0.1632%
feyiron kukri 30Weapon0.1632%
feyiron epee 33Weapon0.1632%
feyiron long sword 34Weapon0.1632%
feyiron foil 33Weapon0.1632%
feyiron leafblade 33Weapon0.1632%
feyiron javelin 35Weapon0.1632%
feyiron spear 31Weapon0.1632%
feyiron rapier 32Weapon0.1632%
feyiron spatha 33Weapon0.1632%
feyiron tribal spear 35Weapon0.1632%
feyiron cutlass 35Weapon0.1632%
feyiron battle axe 31Weapon0.1148%
feyiron assault axe 35Weapon0.1148%
feyiron broadsword 35Weapon0.1148%
feyiron hand axe 30Weapon0.1148%
feyiron hatchet 33Weapon0.1148%
feyiron bastard sword 32Weapon0.1148%
feyiron executioners axe 32Weapon0.1148%
feyiron voulge 34Weapon0.1148%
feyiron knuckles 29Weapon0.1148%
feyiron war axe 29Weapon0.1148%
feyiron bardiche 35Weapon0.1148%
feyiron great spear 33Weapon0.1148%
feyiron military pick 29Weapon0.1148%
feyiron greatsword 35Weapon0.1148%
feyiron tomahawk 31Weapon0.1148%
feyiron pike 32Weapon0.1148%
etched leather fist wraps 34Weapon0.1148%
feyiron tulwar 33Weapon0.1148%
feyiron harpoon 34Weapon0.1148%
feyiron cestii 31Weapon0.1148%
feyiron lance 33Weapon0.1148%
feyiron trident 33Weapon0.1148%
feyiron double headed axe 33Weapon0.1148%
feyiron crescent axe 31Weapon0.1148%
feyiron halberd 32Weapon0.1148%
feyiron claymore 29Weapon0.1148%
feyiron flamberge 33Weapon0.1148%
Celestial Golden Bracelet 30Accessory0.0054%
Golden Bracelet of Reconnaissance 30Accessory0.0054%
Placid Rune Ring 30Accessory0.0054%
Celestial Golden Ring 30Accessory0.0054%
Ceremonial Underroot Sash 30Accessory0.0054%