a Ry'Gorr miner  

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Zone:Crystal Caverns: Collapse
Possible Classes:Defiler,Berserker
Level:91 - 92
Difficulty:^ ^ Heroic to ^ ^ ^ Heroic
Classifications:Humanoid, Living, Nocharm, Orc, Organic, Rygorr Orc, Terrestrial, Warmblooded
NameLevelTypeDrop Rate
Velious Pine 0Item100%
an orc tooth 0Item21%
an orc spine 0Item21%
an orc ear 0Item21%
an orc skin 0Item21%
an orc eye 0Item21%
Orc Smuggler Requisition 0Item10%
orc love note 0Item5%
Amber Scrying Stone 0Item0.500%
Amber Amulet 0Item0.500%
Titanium Relic 0Item0.500%
Ozocerite Wax Sealed Document 0Item0.500%
Chanting Doll of the Ry'Gorr Oracles 90Shield0.400%
Evergrowing Crystalline Wand 90Shield0.400%
Bow of Piercing Crystals 90Weapon0.400%
Crystalline Bow of Energy 90Weapon0.400%
Herbalist's Concoction 90Weapon0.400%
an Erudin amulet 0Item0.200%
broken sword hilt 0Item0.200%
polished amber orb 0Item0.200%
runic book 0Item0.200%
void-soaked flower 0Item0.200%
shard of crystal 0Item0.125%
a sea shell 0Item0.125%
a royal signet 0Item0.125%
a collector's horn 0Item0.125%
an arena medal 0Item0.125%
orb of living stone 0Item0.125%
a strand of crystalline silk 0Item0.125%
a griffin feather 0Item0.125%