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Classifications:Dwarf, Humanoid, Living, Old World, Organic, Terrestrial, Warmblooded

Animist's Mauling Boots 90Armor
Animist's Mauling Chausses 90Armor
Animist's Mauling Coif 90Armor
Animist's Mauling Cuffs 90Armor
Animist's Mauling Spaulders 90Armor
Animist's Mauling Wristguard 90Armor
Archon's Purified Barbute 90Armor
Archon's Purified Gauntlets 90Armor
Archon's Purified Greaves 90Armor
Archon's Purified Pauldrons 90Armor
Archon's Purified Sabatons 90Armor
Archon's Purified Vambraces 90Armor
Augur's Scourging Bands 90Armor
Augur's Scourging Epaulets 90Armor
Augur's Scourging Hood 90Armor
Augur's Scourging Leggings 90Armor
Augur's Scourging Mitts 90Armor
Augur's Scourging Shoes 90Armor
Beguiler's Scourging Bands 90Armor
Beguiler's Scourging Epaulets 90Armor
Beguiler's Scourging Hood 90Armor
Beguiler's Scourging Leggings 90Armor
Beguiler's Scourging Mitts 90Armor
Beguiler's Scourging Shoes 90Armor
Blood Lord's Unyielding Barbute 90Armor
Blood Lord's Unyielding Gauntlets 90Armor
Blood Lord's Unyielding Greaves 90Armor
Blood Lord's Unyielding Pauldrons 90Armor
Blood Lord's Unyielding Sabatons 90Armor
Blood Lord's Unyielding Vambraces 90Armor
Brute's Unyielding Arm Wraps 90Armor
Brute's Unyielding Breeches 90Armor
Brute's Unyielding Foot Wraps 90Armor
Brute's Unyielding Hand Wraps 90Armor
Brute's Unyielding Skullcap 90Armor
Brute's Unyielding Wrist Wraps 90Armor
Cenobite's Unyielding Arm Wraps 90Armor
Cenobite's Unyielding Breeches 90Armor
Cenobite's Unyielding Foot Wraps 90Armor
Cenobite's Unyielding Hand Wraps 90Armor
Cenobite's Unyielding Skullcap 90Armor
Cenobite's Unyielding Wrist Wraps 90Armor
Choker of Living Rock 90Accessory
Clandestine Choker of Retaliation 90Accessory
Cord of Golden Twine 90Accessory
Darkblade's Mauling Boots 90Armor
Darkblade's Mauling Chausses 90Armor
Darkblade's Mauling Coif 90Armor
Darkblade's Mauling Cuffs 90Armor
Darkblade's Mauling Spaulders 90Armor
Darkblade's Mauling Wristguard 90Armor
Death Defying Girdle 90Accessory
Diamond Wedding Band 90Accessory
Divine Girdle of Winter 90Accessory
Drill Sergeant's Ring of Power 90Accessory
Element-Infused Necklace 90Accessory
Elementalist's Scourging Bands 90Armor
Elementalist's Scourging Epaulets 90Armor
Elementalist's Scourging Hood 90Armor
Elementalist's Scourging Leggings 90Armor
Elementalist's Scourging Mitts 90Armor
Elementalist's Scourging Shoes 90Armor
Exarch's Purified Barbute 90Armor
Exarch's Purified Gauntlets 90Armor
Exarch's Purified Greaves 90Armor
Exarch's Purified Pauldrons 90Armor
Exarch's Purified Sabatons 90Armor
Exarch's Purified Vambraces 90Armor
Experimental Cleave 90Weapon
Forest Scion's Purified Bracers 90Armor
Forest Scion's Purified Cap 90Armor
Forest Scion's Purified Gloves 90Armor
Forest Scion's Purified Moccasins 90Armor
Forest Scion's Purified Pants 90Armor
Forest Scion's Purified Shoulder Pads 90Armor
Forest Stalker's Mauling Boots 90Armor
Forest Stalker's Mauling Chausses 90Armor
Forest Stalker's Mauling Coif 90Armor
Forest Stalker's Mauling Cuffs 90Armor
Forest Stalker's Mauling Spaulders 90Armor
Forest Stalker's Mauling Wristguard 90Armor
Gambler's Mauling Boots 90Armor
Gambler's Mauling Chausses 90Armor
Gambler's Mauling Coif 90Armor
Gambler's Mauling Cuffs 90Armor
Gambler's Mauling Spaulders 90Armor
Gambler's Mauling Wristguard 90Armor
Invoker's Scourging Bands 90Armor
Invoker's Scourging Epaulets 90Armor
Invoker's Scourging Hood 90Armor
Invoker's Scourging Leggings 90Armor
Invoker's Scourging Mitts 90Armor
Invoker's Scourging Shoes 90Armor
Knight's Unyielding Barbute 90Armor
Knight's Unyielding Gauntlets 90Armor
Knight's Unyielding Greaves 90Armor
Knight's Unyielding Pauldrons 90Armor
Knight's Unyielding Sabatons 90Armor
Knight's Unyielding Vambraces 90Armor
Lingwal's Sledge of the Verdict 90Weapon
Maestro's Mauling Boots 90Armor
Maestro's Mauling Chausses 90Armor
Maestro's Mauling Coif 90Armor
Maestro's Mauling Cuffs 90Armor
Maestro's Mauling Spaulders 90Armor
Maestro's Mauling Wristguard 90Armor
Mantle of the House of Syl'Tor 90Accessory
Myrmidon's Unyielding Barbute 90Armor
Myrmidon's Unyielding Gauntlets 90Armor
Myrmidon's Unyielding Greaves 90Armor
Myrmidon's Unyielding Pauldrons 90Armor
Myrmidon's Unyielding Sabatons 90Armor
Myrmidon's Unyielding Vambraces 90Armor
Narmek's Belt of Dismantling 90Accessory
Occultist's Scourging Bands 90Armor
Occultist's Scourging Epaulets 90Armor
Occultist's Scourging Hood 90Armor
Occultist's Scourging Leggings 90Armor
Occultist's Scourging Mitts 90Armor
Occultist's Scourging Shoes 90Armor
Pouch of Crystal Rocks 90Weapon
Rune Etched Wedding Band 90Accessory
Sai of the Fortress Spire 90Weapon
Sash of Souls 90Accessory
Schriber's Ring of Command 90Accessory
Skull Studded Sash 90Accessory
Soul-Chained Amulet 90Accessory
Spiritweaver's Purified Boots 90Armor
Spiritweaver's Purified Chausses 90Armor
Spiritweaver's Purified Coif 90Armor
Spiritweaver's Purified Cuffs 90Armor
Spiritweaver's Purified Spaulders 90Armor
Spiritweaver's Purified Wristguard 90Armor
Stormbringer's Purified Bracers 90Armor
Stormbringer's Purified Cap 90Armor
Stormbringer's Purified Gloves 90Armor
Stormbringer's Purified Moccasins 90Armor
Stormbringer's Purified Pants 90Armor
Stormbringer's Purified Shoulder Pads 90Armor
Thaumaturge's Scourging Bands 90Armor
Thaumaturge's Scourging Epaulets 90Armor
Thaumaturge's Scourging Hood 90Armor
Thaumaturge's Scourging Leggings 90Armor
Thaumaturge's Scourging Mitts 90Armor
Thaumaturge's Scourging Shoes 90Armor
Thug's Mauling Boots 90Armor
Thug's Mauling Chausses 90Armor
Thug's Mauling Coif 90Armor
Thug's Mauling Cuffs 90Armor
Thug's Mauling Spaulders 90Armor
Thug's Mauling Wristguard 90Armor
Tserrina's Cloak of the Cursed 90Accessory
Tserrina's Flowing Robes 90Accessory
Tserrina's Tear Stained Shroud 90Accessory
Velketor's Frigid Dagger 90Weapon
Velketor's Wand of the Labyrinth 90Weapon
VhalSera Skull Belt 90Accessory
Virtuoso's Mauling Boots 90Armor
Virtuoso's Mauling Chausses 90Armor
Virtuoso's Mauling Coif 90Armor
Virtuoso's Mauling Cuffs 90Armor
Virtuoso's Mauling Spaulders 90Armor
Virtuoso's Mauling Wristguard 90Armor
Waistband of Stealthy Image 90Accessory
Warlord's Unyielding Barbute 90Armor
Warlord's Unyielding Gauntlets 90Armor
Warlord's Unyielding Greaves 90Armor
Warlord's Unyielding Pauldrons 90Armor
Warlord's Unyielding Sabatons 90Armor
Warlord's Unyielding Vambraces 90Armor
Wraith's Purified Boots 90Armor
Wraith's Purified Chausses 90Armor
Wraith's Purified Coif 90Armor
Wraith's Purified Cuffs 90Armor
Wraith's Purified Spaulders 90Armor
Wraith's Purified Wristguard 90Armor