Arch-bishop Joltan  

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Zone:Befallen: Halls of the Forsaken
Difficulty:^ ^ ^ Heroic
Purpose:The Defiled Chaplain
Classifications:Biped, Hoverer, Lich, Noblooded, Organic, Undead
Grants AA

Periodically, Joltan will summon a doppelganger of a member of the party. Whoever is chosen will be paralyzed so long as the doppelganger lives. The doppelganger will be a double-up at the average level of the party. Assign DPS to burn the doppelganger as quickly as possible, then re-focus on Joltan to survive this fight.

Special Attacks:

  • Inexorable Pestilence - Duration: 60 seconds. Decreases Damage Spell Crit Chance, Ranged Crit Chance, Melee Crit Chance and Heal Crit Chance by 20%, and inflicts 3241-3961 disease damage instantly and every 4 seconds. If the target dies while the spell is active it will recast itself on any party member within range!

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