Wyrche Nibi'Zi  

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Zone:Timorous Deep
Purpose:Combat Arts
Classifications:Biped, Humanoid, Living, Organic, Sarnak Pc, Terrestrial
Abandoned Fury of Fire 20Spell Scroll
Berserker's Abandoned Fury 50Spell Scroll
Brusco's Flavorful Aura 50Spell Scroll
Clobber 20Spell Scroll
Disguise: Dark Elf 40Spell Scroll
Disguise: High Elf 40Spell Scroll
Disguise: High Elf 40Spell Scroll
Disguise: Ogre 50Spell Scroll
Disguise: Wood Elf 40Spell Scroll
Dreadnaught Kata 20Spell Scroll
Form of the Furious Bear 40Spell Scroll
Form of the Rook 40Spell Scroll
Greth's Willing Scout 20Spell Scroll
Hand of Lucan 50Spell Scroll
Hand of the Just 20Spell Scroll
Iron Skin Style 50Spell Scroll
Lyssa's Perpetual Motion 50Spell Scroll
Melancholy Melody 20Spell Scroll
Rousing Celebration 20Spell Scroll
Shoutian's Sanctuary 50Spell Scroll
Singular Focus 1Spell Scroll
Stalked Form of the Assassin 50Spell Scroll
Summon Sacrament 50Spell Scroll
Summon Squire 40Spell Scroll
Unholy Steed 20Spell Scroll
Wooden Skin Style 40Spell Scroll