Merchant Melilah  

Zone:Greater Faydark
Faction:The City of Kelethin
Classifications:Humanoid, Living, Old World, Organic, Terrestrial, Warmblooded, Wood Elf
Abandoned Fury of Fire 20Spell Scroll
Berserker's Abandoned Fury 50Spell Scroll
Dreadnaught Kata 20Spell Scroll
Form of the Furious Bear 40Spell Scroll
Form of the Rook 40Spell Scroll
Hand of Bayle 50Spell Scroll
Hand of Lucan 50Spell Scroll
Hand of the Just 20Spell Scroll
Holy Steed 20Spell Scroll
Iron Skin Style 50Spell Scroll
Radiance of the Silent Fist 50Spell Scroll
Shoutian's Sanctuary 50Spell Scroll
Silent Fist Kata 20Spell Scroll
Singular Focus 1Spell Scroll
Summon Sacrament 50Spell Scroll
Summon Squire 40Spell Scroll
Summon Squire 40Spell Scroll
Tiger Style 40Spell Scroll
Unholy Steed 20Spell Scroll
Wooden Skin Style 40Spell Scroll