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Zone:Palace of the Ancient One
Race:Void beast
Possible Classes:Berserker
Difficulty:^ ^ ^ Epic x4
Purpose:Nether Beast
Classifications:Biped, Living, Nether Beast, Noblooded, Nocharm, Nomemwipe, Organic, Terrestrial, Void Beast
Grants AA

Known Info

All Abilities information pulled from parsing data. Melee Abilities

* Crushing

Healing Abilities

* Consume Soul(300k Heal On Deaths)


* Nether Cloud (Same AE as Absatalius) - Nox

* Stunning Blaze - PB AoE Stun + Heat Damage for 5-20k Damage - Roughly 55 Second Timer

Strategy Overview

This mobs Has 4 adds with it, The named should be tanked away from the adds, Normally in the center of the room. The adds should be pulled away with 2 off tanks. Then you should burn 2 of the adds down without killing the other 2. Each add you kill buffs Pentacylpse, If you kill all 4 it will be come extremely challenging if not impossible to heal through the named.

Heal Strategy

The Nox Must be cured within seconds of it hitting, or else the tanks mit goes to roughly 0 and then they will crumble. MT healers should be max distance from the MT so you don't get hit hard with the Stunning Blaze AE.

Tank Strategy

The MT should stand near the middle of the room where Penta stands and tank him there, Whenever Nether Cloud is incoming then stop all damage to prevent the proc from Penta which makes you immune to beneficial spells thus making it impossible for the healers to cure Nether Cloud. Minimize the damage shields and small damage attacks too because Pentas "Damage Shield" also damages weapons and disarms you.

OT's should pull the mobs from the named so the DPS doesn't be PB AoEed. The adds all mem wipe so make sure you try to snap agro back as fast as possible to mimimize deaths on this mob.

DPS Strategy

Burn 2 adds then kill the named, make sure to joust Stunning Blaze since it can 1 shot depending on gear and resists.

Special Team Strategy

Nether Cloud does have a casting animation which makes it pretty easy to call, and healers can learn to time cures to coincide with the animation itself.

Raid Groups


As long as the nox cures are fast, and you don't let the MT or OTs spike and die, there really isn't all that much more to this fight than that.

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