King Drayek  

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Zone:Throne of the Kromise King
Difficulty:^ ^ ^ Epic x4
Classifications:Giant, Humanoid, Kromise Giant, Living, Nocharm, Old World, Organic, Terrestrial, Warmblooded
Grants AA

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Drayek's Chamber

  • ^^^ Epic(x4)
  • Resistant/Immune to Crushing
  • Spawns adds at 80%, 50% and 20% health


There are two instances that contain King Drayek, Drayek's Chamber and Icebound that is for the Fire and Ice quest. The information here is relevant to the Drayek's Chamber version only. An offtank is recommended, as well as having high cold and fire resist in the main tank group.

After zoning into Drayek's Chamber from Permafrost, you are left in an entryway leading to the Throne Room. All mobiles in the room at this point are not attackable, they are NPC's. Once a player has entered the middle of the throne room, two encounters of Level 49 Epic X2 Kromise Royal Guards will become aggressive and attack, these should be no problem to quickly eliminate. PBAOE attacks come in very handy with these groups of mobs.

Once the two Guards encounters have been defeated, a timer is initiated, after a short period of time Misty and Frostbite, the two wolves beside NPC King Drayek will become attackable, and come after you. Frostbite should be eliminated first, since it is the weaker of the two and will go down very quickly. Once frostbite is down kill Misty and prepare for Drayek's imminent arrival.

After both wolves are eliminated, an even shorter period of time will expire, and then King Drayek will spawn attackable and rush the raid. The main tank should quickly establish aggro and move to a point along the wall where he won't be thrown across the room should Drayek decide to use his knock-back attack.

There will be 3 points in this fight, where an off-tank would be a very good idea, but if not available, the MT may be able to do this role. When King Drayek is at 80%, 50% health, additional Kromise Royal Guard encounters will spawn and rush the raid an off-tank should taunt these, and the MA should direct all DPS to eliminating these as quickly as possible. At 20% Kromise Spirits will spawn out of the ground in the middle of the throne room and attack, the same process as with the giants should be used here. Once the spawned 20% wave is killed, it's simply a matter of finishing off the King!

Drayek's Chamber: Throne of the Kromise King

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