a Libant shrewdian  

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Zone:Ravenscale Repository
Possible Classes:Fury
Level:3 - 4
Difficulty:v v v to ^ ^ ^ Heroic
Classifications:Coldblooded, Humanoid, Organic, Terrestrial, Undead, Vampire

NameLevelTypeDrop Rate
Advanced Adornments Volume 1 0Recipe Book20%
Chewing Gum 0Item10%
vampire love note 0Item5%
Symbol of Oration 67Accessory1.1806%
Mark of the Yciid Scout 67Accessory1.1806%
Linked-steel Bracer 67Accessory1.1806%
Forged-steel Sharpaxe 67Weapon1.1806%
Band of Envy 67Accessory1.1806%
Vashotan Healer's Bracer 67Accessory1.1806%
Grimwarden's Signet of Loyalty 67Accessory1.1806%
Wyrmguard Shield 67Shield1.1806%
sundered obsidian 0Item1%
Fiery Carnelian 0Item1%
Symbol of the Yciid Outrider 79Accessory0.7778%
Mistmyr Protector's Bracer 79Accessory0.7778%
Ring of the Powermonger 79Accessory0.7778%
Ravenscale Badge of Loyalty 79Accessory0.7778%
Hatchet of the Mistmyr Pioneer 79Weapon0.7778%
Jeweled Ydallian Earring 79Accessory0.7778%
Vashotan Clan Bracelet 79Accessory0.7778%
Lubeshian Orator's Symbol 79Accessory0.7778%
Towershield of the Five Clans 77Shield0.7778%
Wateropal Earjewels 67Accessory0.5556%
reflective smoldering shard 0Item0.500%
Libant Noble Robes 90Armor0.3333%
Bangle of Summoned Blood Fiends 90Accessory0.3333%
Mystmyrian Enforcer Leggings 90Armor0.3333%
Band of the Mystmyr Elite 90Accessory0.3333%
Ravenscale Noble's Locket 90Accessory0.3333%
Hoop of Detonating Blood 90Accessory0.3333%
azure charm 0Item0.1538%
blue lotus petal 0Item0.0769%
black spider silk 0Item0.0769%
black stone 0Item0.0769%
transcribed songbook 0Item0.0769%
ancient tablet 0Item0.0769%
waterproofed rope 0Item0.0769%
lucky rabbit foot 0Item0.0769%
half-burned ceremonial candle 0Item0.0769%
dropped ledger 0Item0.0769%
fearsome carved wooden mask 0Item0.0769%
bloodstained bat fang 0Item0.0769%