Hard Rock Healing  

  • (2) +10 int, +10 wis
  • (3) Increase blockchance of caster by 10
  • (4) onCastHostileSpellTriggerOnce this spell has a 18% chance to cast Overflow
    Restores 213 health divine damage on caster
  • (5) onHit this spell has a 8% chance to cast Healing Wave
    Restores 213 health divine damage on caster
Ground Granite Gauntlets 80Armor
Ground Granite Spaulders 80Armor
Ground Granite Hauberk 80Armor
Ground Granite Sabatons 80Armor
Ground Granite Greaves 80Armor
Ground Granite Helm 80Armor

This is a Legendary Tier 1 shard armor set. See: Shadow Odyssey Legendary Shard Armor

Other Resources: EQ2i LootDB Human-Readable Link: http://eq2.zam.com/wiki/EQ2_Set:Hard_Rock_Healing
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