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Darkened Satchel of the Blazing Sun 50WeaponDropped
Tailored Rawhide Bandolier 1Weapon 
Imperial Bow of the Deep 56Weapon 
Imbued Ironwood Long Bow 50Weapon 
Pouch of Sharpened Pine 20Weapon 
Worn Leather Bandolier 1Weapon 
Shaped Conditioned Sylvafir Long Bow 16Weapon 
rhino leather bandolier 70WeaponPurchased
Opulent Pouch of Storms 66Weapon 
Blood-soaked Satchel of Annihilation 80Weapon 
Decorin's Fiendish Pouch 90WeaponDropped
Wand of Wanderlust 50WeaponDropped
Wand of Kinetic Repulsion 68WeaponDropped
Crude Conditioned Cedar Long Bow 42Weapon 
Crude Imbued Cedar Short Bow 42Weapon 
Staff of Tunare's Tears 40WeaponDropped
Pirate's Bow of the Deep 6Weapon 
Bow of the Gnome Ranger 30WeaponDropped
Nomad's Pouch of Concentration 11Weapon 
Overking's Pouch of the Tempest 66Weapon 
Imperial Pouch of Clouds 56Weapon 
Overking's Pouch of Battle 66Weapon 
Wanderer's Pouch of the Soldier 16Weapon 
Shaped Imbued Ash Long Bow 20Weapon 
Throwing Pouch of the Cerberus 90Weapon