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Orc Forged bow 14Weapon 
Grandmaster's Pouch of Beasts 80Weapon 
Emperor's Bow of the Iron-heart 71Weapon 
Imbued Etched Leather Sheath 30Weapon 
shaped Imbued dragonhide sheath 62Weapon 
Wayward Pouch of Grace 6Weapon 
Shaped Imbued Teak Short Bow 40Weapon 
crude tailored waxed bandolier 1Weapon 
Crude Imbued Etched Leather Pouch 30Weapon 
Crude Tailored Cured Leather Satchel 12Weapon 
Opulent Bow of the Soldier 66Weapon 
Wand of Otherworldly Destruction 90WeaponDropped
Tailored Stonehide Satchel 47Weapon 
Arcane Pouch of Grace 71Weapon 
Imbued Strengthened Leather Satchel 40WeaponCrafted
Imbued Etched Leather Sheath 30WeaponCrafted
Wanderer's Bow of the Iron-heart 16Weapon 
Steppes Ranger's Longbow 20Weapon 
Deathbone Bow of Blood 90WeaponDropped
Tailored Cured Leather Satchel 12Weapon 
Caradiea, Short Bow of Life 70WeaponDropped
Frostwind Oracle's Blessed Staff 90WeaponQuest Reward, Quest Item
Test Gas Vial 45Weapon 
Nomad's Bow of Fangs 11Weapon 
crude Imbued horned leather sheath 60Weapon