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Elm Cudgel 0WeaponCrafted
Sword of Honor 0Weapon 
Bow of Aeration 1WeaponPurchased
The Serrator 1WeaponPurchased
Rapier of the Dread Pirate 1WeaponPurchased
Katana of Pain 1WeaponPurchased
Piercing Mace 1WeaponPurchased
Elemental Wand 1WeaponPurchased
Dagger of Dreams 1WeaponPurchased
Fist of Fury 1WeaponPurchased
Crowned Staff 1WeaponPurchased
Hammer of Bashing 1WeaponPurchased
shaped conditioned alder wand 1Weapon 
Wolfbone Sceptre 1Weapon 
Rockbellys Cutlass 1Weapon 
Ancient Stone Sword 1WeaponDropped
tin spear 1WeaponPurchased
Outlaw's Spear 1Weapon 
Scaled Tribal Spear 1Weapon 
crude forged tin rapier 1Weapon 
conditioned elm quarterstaff 1Weapon 
tailored pugilist's fistwraps 1Weapon 
forged bronze voulge 1Weapon 
forged tin broadsword 1Weapon 
trainee's long sword 1Weapon