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Tapered Tome of Tempers 20Shield 
fashioned copper symbol 8Shield 
Fashioned Etched Leather Tome 30Shield 
Fashioned Myanmar Orb 10Shield 
Rikrlander's Bauble 90ShieldDropped
diamondine symbol 40Shield 
Blood Coated Censer 30ShieldDropped
Book of Revered Wisdom and Knowledge 67ShieldDropped
Censer of Everlasting Light 31Shield 
Cryptstone Tablet 67ShieldDropped
Devastation Tome 90ShieldPurchased
fashioned feyiron censer 28ShieldCrafted
Doll of Nyth 31ShieldDropped
Bulwark of Piety 29ShieldDropped
Fashioned Feysteel Idol 32Shield 
Fashioned Nacre Orb 50Shield 
Tome of Prophetical Travels 10Shield 
Fashioned Feyiron Idol 30ShieldCrafted
Opaline Orb 30ShieldCrafted
Orb of Siphoned Wishes 60Shield 
Fashioned Fulginate Tablet 40Shield 
Storeroom Inventory Tome 10ShieldDropped
Thexian Steel Symbol 55ShieldQuest Reward, Quest Item
cedarwood tome 40ShieldDropped
Dragonhide Leather Tome 62ShieldCrafted
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