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Powerful Essence of Sonic Vision 40Potion 
Powerful Essence of Ultravision 40Potion 
Prayer of Harla Dar 65PotionQuest Reward, Quest Item
Pueric Purifier 1Potion 
Quaff of the Prodigal 0Potion 
Quixilver II 0PotionCrafted, Quest Item
rat trap 80PotionCrafted, Quest Item
Reforming Stone 1Potion 
Rule Book 1Potion 
rune adorned silver vial 0PotionQuest Item
Rune of Discord 20PotionPurchased
Runed Codex Coffer 0PotionQuest Reward, Quest Item
Salve of Marr 1PotionQuest Reward, Quest Item
Salve of the Night 1PotionQuest Reward, Quest Item
Sampling Jug 0PotionQuest Item
Santa Glug, a Gigglegibber Illusion 0PotionPurchased
semi sentient water 0PotionDropped
Shard of Discord 20PotionPurchased
Sharp Eye Elixir 1Potion 
Shield of Discord 20PotionPurchased
Shroud of Discord 20PotionPurchased
Signal Horn 0PotionQuest Item
Silky Delight 1Potion 
Siren Hair Braid 1Potion 
Skeleton Bush Poison 0PotionQuest Item