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Lesser Barracuda Tooth 10PotionDropped
Lesser Bear Claw 10PotionDropped
Lesser Blood of the Wolf 10PotionDropped
Lesser Element: Air 0Potion 
Lesser Element: Fire 0Potion 
Lesser Element: Water 0Potion 
Lesser Essence of Aqua Vision 10Potion 
Lesser Essence of Infravision 10Potion 
Lesser Essence of Sonic Vision 10Potion 
Lesser Essence of Ultravision 10Potion 
Lethic Potion 1Potion 
Locket of Escape 10PotionPurchased
Lucanic Battle Insignia 30Potion 
Lucanic Carnage Insignia 60Potion 
Lucanic Havoc Insignia 40Potion 
Lucanic Skirmish Insignia 20Potion 
Lucanic Slaughter Insignia 70Potion 
Lucanic War Insignia 50Potion 
Meatpie 0Potion 
Memories of Peace 0Potion 
Mended Heart 0PotionPurchased
Minor Potion of the Advanced 0Potion 
Minor Potion of the Advanced 0Potion 
Minotaur Broken Horn Brew 0PotionQuest Reward, Quest Item
Mystery Box 1PotionPurchased