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young plant shoot 0ItemQuest Item
your observations about the barrier 0ItemQuest Item
Ysa's Belongings 0ItemQuest Item
Ysa's Locket 0ItemQuest Item
Ysanna's Revitalization 0Item 
Zaphax's Charismatic Libation 0ItemCrafted, Quest Item
Zatirre's First Zombie 0Item 
Zek, the Orcish Wastes Creature Catalog 0Item 
Zek, the Orcish Wastes ticket 0ItemPurchased
Zeke Two Tone's Diary 0ItemQuest Item
Zeke Two Tone's Diary 0Item 
Zildrax's Stonescale (Journeyman) 0ItemCrafted, Quest Item
Zimor's Rot of Retribution 0ItemShiny
Zoe's Wild Deck 0ItemQuest Reward, Quest Item
Zoltaroth's Rescue (Journeyman) 0ItemCrafted, Quest Item
zombie love note 0ItemDropped
zombie parts 0Item