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Vagabond's Leggings of Devotion 16Armor 
ironforge smithing pants 20Armor 
Saintly Vicar's Plate Greaves 48ArmorQuest Reward, Quest Item
Thick Brigandine Leggings 40Armor 
Arcane Runed Greaves 50ArmorPurchased
Adventurer's Pantaloons of Elements 11Armor 
Dark Tempest Leggings 80ArmorPurchased
Blood Lord's Irebound Greaves 90Armor 
Darkbone Greaves 28ArmorDropped
Fervorous Pillager's Blessed Chausses 30ArmorPurchased
Arcane Greaves of the Deep 71Armor 
Venerable Greaves of the Exarch 90ArmorDropped, Purchased, Crafted
Imbued Carbonite Devout Greaves 20ArmorCrafted
Overking's Pantaloons of the Oceans 66Armor 
Draconic Greaves of Battle 80Armor 
Imbued Ebon Brigandine Leggings 42Armor 
cracked carbonite platemail legplates 22Armor 
shaped forged carbonite vanguard greaves 16ArmorCrafted, Quest Item
crude tailored dexterous dragonhide pants 62Armor 
snakeweave banded leggings 21Armor 
Odus Nature Vanguard Legs 1Armor 
Forged Feysteel Chainmail Leggings 32Armor 
crude trainee's pants 1Armor 
Shaped Tailored Tranquil Cambric Pantaloons 52Armor 
Soothsayer's Bound Chausses 22ArmorQuest Reward, Quest Item
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