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weathered topaz ring 3AccessoryDropped
Ring of Kardag the Blade 90AccessoryDropped
fashioned moonstone ring 62Accessory 
Emerald Viper Ring 90AccessoryDropped
Runners Ring 34Accessory 
Fletcher's Band 75Accessory 
Shaped Imbued Coral Ring of Intelligence 12Accessory 
Journeyman's Ring of Knowledge 1Accessory 
Vampiric Signet of Thirst 60AccessoryDropped
Band of the Fate Revisionist 90AccessoryDropped
Coldain Hero's Insignia Ring 90AccessoryQuest Reward, Purchased, Quest Item
Blessed Band of Wisdom 70Accessory 
Ring of Motivation 73AccessoryPurchased
Sludge Ring of Nastiness 35AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item
Crude Imbued Diamondine Band of Agility 40Accessory 
Caterwaul Band 77AccessoryDropped
Antiqued Feldspar Ring 90AccessoryDropped
Fashioned Pearl Noxious Signet 52Accessory 
Wayward Ring of the Soldier 6Accessory 
Exalted Ring of Battle 61Accessory 
The Arcanist's Ring of Summoning 10Accessory 
Ring of Captivation 30Accessory 
Ravenwing Halo 59Accessory 
Ring of the Condemned 22AccessoryDropped
Pirate's Ring of Devotion 6Accessory 
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