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Gilded Battle Remnant 90AccessoryDropped
Skullcrusher Fragment 90Accessory 
Bit of Brain 90Accessory 
Prime Architect's Compass 90AccessoryPurchased
Godslayer's Signet 90AccessoryPurchased
Rune of Order 90AccessoryDropped
Armageddon Crystal 90Accessory 
Loremaster's Lucky Charm 90AccessoryDropped
Erudite Rune of the Immovable 90Accessory 
Creepy Animated Billy Doll 90Accessory 
Encoded Simian Scroll 90Accessory 
Rune of Chaos 90AccessoryDropped
Tiny Portal 90Accessory 
Signet of the Harbinger 90Accessory 
Herald of Spring 90Accessory 
Scroll of Ages End 90AccessoryDropped
Ode to Fansy 90Accessory 
Void Scarred Talon 90Accessory 
Orb of Theer 90AccessoryDropped
Scored Deepwater Insignia 90AccessoryDropped
Gruengach Royal Guard Insignia 90AccessoryDropped
Gruengach Soul-Bargain Scroll of Terms 90AccessoryDropped
Minor Transmuter's Stone 90Accessory 
Transmuter's Stone 90Accessory 
Greater Transmuter's Stone 90Accessory