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Cloak of Runes 0AccessoryQuest Item
Cloak of Disguise 0Accessory 
Cloak of the Sathirian Empire 0Accessory 
Speedy Bard's Cloak 0Accessory 
Fur Lined Cloak 0Accessory 
Cloak of the Silver Guardian 0Accessory 
Illisia's Cloak 0Accessory 
Cloak of Emblematic Power 0Accessory 
Stained Glass Cloak of the Dragon 0Accessory 
Bayle's Cloak 0Accessory 
Cloak of Crystal Shards 0AccessoryQuest Item
Roadyle Terethe's Cloak 0Accessory 
Assassin Master's Cloak 0AccessoryQuest Item
Cloak of Chelsith 0Accessory 
Cloak of Flowing Water 0Accessory 
Cloak of the Arbor 0Accessory 
Assassin Master's Cloak 0AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item
Cloak of the Di'Zok 0Accessory 
Asharae's Cloak 0Accessory 
Nurgg's Cloak 0Accessory 
Nightfall Wings 0Accessory 
Cloak of Silken Glory 0Accessory 
Frostruned Cloak of Rime 0AccessoryPurchased
Wings of the Fallen 0Accessory 
Farfeather Wings 0Accessory