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Draconic Band of the Gambler 80Accessory 
Chained Power Bracelet 78AccessoryCrafted
lapis lazuli bracelet 1AccessoryDropped
Twin Star Bangle 31Accessory 
Heretic's Wristwrap of Sadness 47AccessoryDropped
Eye of Elgnub Bracelet 18Accessory 
fashioned lead bangle 1Accessory 
shaped fashioned pearl bracelet 47Accessory 
Radiant Bracelet of the Pious 50AccessoryDropped
Coiled Spring Bracelet 55AccessoryCollection Reward, Shiny
Wristlet of Rebirth 41Accessory 
Xebnok's Band of Might 80AccessoryDropped
Coagulant Bangle of Dread 79AccessoryDropped
Protector's Links 80AccessoryDropped
Grandmaster's Band of the Gambler 80Accessory 
Blessed Clover Bracelet 35AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item
Milled Bracelet of the Hunter 40AccessoryDropped
Fashioned Pearl Bracelet 46Accessory 
Journeyman's Band of the Knight 1Accessory 
Explorer's Band of the Nimble 56Accessory 
Consecrated Prayer Beads 60AccessoryDropped
Elemental Bangle 79AccessoryDropped
Lacquered Ebony Circlet of the Owl 60Accessory 
Armlet of the Ember Dancer 47AccessoryDropped
Alluring Bangle 60AccessoryPurchased