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Radiant Band of Clouds 61Accessory 
Charmed Asp Bone Circlet 40Accessory 
Mistmyr Protector's Bracer 79AccessoryDropped
Circlet of Karana's Deluge 20AccessoryDropped
Raider's Knuckle 68Accessory 
Bracelet of Forlorn Souls 30AccessoryDropped
Imperial Band of Devotion 56Accessory 
Wisp Glowing Wayfarer's Circlet 60AccessoryDropped
Ancient Band of Light 76Accessory 
Bracelet of True History 27AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item
Tarnished Emerald Viper Bangle 60AccessoryDropped
Opulent Band of the Sun 66Accessory 
Polished Stone Bangle 19Accessory 
Plagued Bracelet 80AccessoryDropped
Bloodspray Wristband 13Accessory 
Carved Treant Bark Circlet 50Accessory 
Bangle of the Father 10AccessoryDropped
Shaped Fashioned Bloodstone Bracelet 40Accessory 
Sunsoaked Bangle 30Accessory 
shaped fashioned lapis lazuli bracelet 1Accessory 
Nightblood Tooth Bracelet 30AccessoryDropped
Sash of the Devoured 80AccessoryDropped
Hoop of Perah'Celsis 90AccessoryDropped
Gearzerker's Wristband 69AccessoryPurchased
Drolvarg Armor Manacle 67AccessoryCollection Reward, Shiny