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Vagabond's Band of Elements 16Accessory 
Charm of the Flapping Wing 63AccessoryDropped
Lacquered Oak Guardsman's Armlet 30Accessory 
Imperial Band of the Guardian 56Accessory 
Superb Bracelet 5AccessoryDropped
lead bangle 1AccessoryPurchased
Bracelet of the Erudite Scholars 90AccessoryPurchased
Fae Bone Bangle 35AccessoryCollection Reward, Shiny
Djinn Bracelet of the Sky 60AccessoryDropped
Chokidai Skin Wristlet 75Accessory 
Shackle of Steel 79AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item
Deepwater Shackle 89AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item
opaline bracelet 29AccessoryDropped
Exalted Band of Fangs 61Accessory 
Cufflinks of Elemental Command 82AccessoryDropped
Opulent Band of the Nimble 66Accessory 
Spore Lined Bracelet 12Accessory 
bunkhouse bangle 10AccessoryDropped
Bracelet of Symphonic Allure 80AccessoryPurchased
Griffin Claw Bangle 20Accessory 
Bangle of Priestly Mending 86AccessoryPurchased
Woven Armband of the Owl 40AccessoryDropped
Braided Unicorn Hair Bracelet 50AccessoryDropped
Runed Wristguard of a Fallen God 90AccessoryDropped
Eldritch Glowing Arcane Circlet 60AccessoryDropped