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Forged Dervish Hunter's Manacle 50AccessoryDropped
Gleaming Bangle of the Duplicitous 90AccessoryDropped
Brace of Radiant Scales 64AccessoryDropped
Elemental Controlling Bands 47AccessoryDropped
Bloodskull Scout's Armlet 10AccessoryDropped
Acid-scarred Clasp 86AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item
War Forged Bracelet 64AccessoryDropped
dust covered bracelet 33AccessoryDropped
Crossroads Smuggler's Manacle 10AccessoryDropped
Clasped Wristlet of Kylong 68AccessoryDropped
Thixotropic Bangle 90Accessory 
Krait Scale Binding 86AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item
Ghostly Armband of the Devout 60AccessoryDropped
fashioned rhodium bangle 38Accessory 
Butler's Cuffs 64AccessoryDropped
Woven Unicorn Hair Bracelet 50AccessoryDropped
Warscout Wrist of Assailing 90AccessoryDropped
Antivenin Hypo Wristband 64Accessory 
Hiveborn Bracelet 9Accessory 
Flesh Ravager's Rotten Stitching 47AccessoryDropped
Bangle of Glancing Ice 90AccessoryDropped
Sand-Caked Ritualist's Armlet 40AccessoryDropped
Arcane Band of Survival 71Accessory 
Awakened Cuffs of the Rift 60AccessoryPurchased
Rajadevi Officer's Bracer 79AccessoryDropped