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crude conditioned fir kite shield 14Shield 
Thought Tickler 67Weapon 
ashwood cudgel 20WeaponPurchased
shaped imbued blackened iron flail 10Weapon 
Shield of Stalwart Beliefs 84ShieldPurchased
Shaped Fashioned Cobalt Tablet 52Shield 
Inquisitor's Mace 1Weapon 
shaped imbued feyiron leafblade 30Weapon 
boiled leather whip 23WeaponDropped
Wayward Shortsword of the Knight 6Weapon 
Grandmaster's Roundshield of Beasts 80Shield 
Crude Iron Rapier 6Weapon 
tin scepter 1WeaponPurchased
Tower of Love 1ShieldDropped
shaped imbued feyiron leafblade 30Weapon 
shaped imbued feyiron short spear 30Weapon 
Traveler's Symbol of Concentration 1Shield 
forged cobalt scimitar 52Weapon 
Sparkling Righteous Temper 20Adornment 
master crafted silvril sabre 30Weapon 
Brellium Symbol 82ShieldCrafted
Radiant Dagger of Prophets 61Weapon