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Bulky Buckler of Balustrades 90Shield 
Waspkeeper Shield 9Shield 
Steel Epee 23WeaponDropped
imbued steel assault axe 20Weapon 
Tome of Prophetical Travels 10Shield 
Imbued Feysteel Tomahawk 32Weapon 
Imbued Ironwood Wand 52WeaponCrafted
Skyfire Roundshield of Light 76Shield 
Sai of the Hua Mein Adventurer 80WeaponPurchased
Imbued Incarnadine Kite Shield 72ShieldCrafted
Furious War Scimitar 72WeaponQuest Reward, Quest Item
forged cobalt scepter 52Weapon 
crude forged feyiron epee 24Weapon 
Fashioned Feyiron Idol 30ShieldCrafted
Blessed Ferrite Tribal Spear 70WeaponCrafted
Opaline Orb 30ShieldCrafted
Forged Fulginate Short Sword 40Weapon 
Male Ulteran Mannequin 0House ItemPurchased
Arcane Dagger of the Sun 71Weapon 
conditioned oak club 28Weapon 
forged fulginate scimitar 40Weapon 
Imbued Fulginate Tower Shield 40Shield 
shaped forged feysteel assault axe 26Weapon 
forged feyiron kris 28Weapon 
Draconic Towershield of Light 80Shield