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Imbued Veil of the Ghoul Summoner 60AccessoryDropped
Cloak of Marus Xand 90AccessoryPurchased
Mage's Cloak of Battle 90AccessoryCrafted
Ghastly Sands Cloak 90Accessory 
Desert Defender's Shroud 40AccessoryDropped
Woven Veil of the Sky Warrior 65AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item
Cloak of Blasting 86AccessoryPurchased
Cloak of Clerical Precision 80Accessory 
Cloak of the Erudian Magician 89AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item
Desert Defender's Cloak 40AccessoryDropped
Timorous Defender's Shroud 10AccessoryDropped
Cloak of the Astronomer 90Accessory 
Ever Frozen Healer's Mantle 47AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item
Artisan's Cloak of the Far Seas 70AccessoryPurchased
Enchanted Healer's Veil 30Accessory 
Healer's Drape of War 90AccessoryCrafted
Practiced Healer's Shroud 10Accessory 
Madness Threaded Wrap 57AccessoryDropped
Sebilisian Cloak of the Darkpriest 75AccessoryDropped
Banded Cloak of Dissolution 90AccessoryDropped
White Komodo Skin Cloak 1Accessory 
Battleground Frontiersman's Cloak 80Accessory 
Cloak of Erollisi's Valor 1AccessoryDropped
Mistmoore's Cloak 70AccessoryDropped
Cloak of Magical Energy 68AccessoryDropped