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Tailored Cured Belt 10Accessory 
Vemerik's Ring of Stealth 10Accessory 
turquoise earring 10AccessoryPurchased
The Songweavers Belt 10AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item
Dagorel's Ring of Faith 10Accessory 
Shade-Buffed Girdle of Strength 10Accessory 
Twillcloth Scarf of Warmth 10AccessoryDropped
turquoise bracelet 10AccessoryPurchased
coral ring 10AccessoryDropped
The Priest's Ring of Nature 10Accessory 
Golden Band of the Prairie 10Accessory 
The Emissary's Ring of Song 10Accessory 
turquoise earring 10AccessoryDropped
Fashioned Turquoise Ring 10Accessory 
Tangled Weed Belt 10AccessoryDropped
Blessed Ring of the Initiate 10Accessory 
crawler leg charm 10Accessory 
Meteoric Hoop 10Accessory 
Spider Claw Hoop 10AccessoryDropped
Fashioned Myanmar Bracelet 10Accessory 
fishing lure earring 10Accessory 
Tailored Tanned Belt 10Accessory 
The Commandant's Ring of Conviction 10Accessory 
crude imbued coral ring of wisdom 10Accessory 
blackshield insignia ring 10Accessory