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Cloak of Gigglegibbery 1AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item
Boots of the Requiem 70ArmorDropped
Bracers of the Outrider 70ArmorDropped
Taleweaver's Mantle 78ArmorDropped
Tomb Raider's Leggings 78ArmorDropped
Taleweaver's Bracers 78ArmorDropped
Tomb Raider's Mantle 78ArmorDropped
Tomb Raider's Gloves 78ArmorDropped
Boots of the Dead-Eye 78ArmorDropped
Reckless Plunder Mantle 80ArmorPurchased
Coat of Magnetism 80ArmorPurchased
Leggings of Obstinate Resolution 80ArmorPurchased
Boots of Lamenting Ballads 80ArmorPurchased
Gloves of Obstinate Resolution 80ArmorPurchased
Reckless Plunder Leggings 80ArmorPurchased
Bracers of Lamenting Ballads 80ArmorPurchased
Boots of Obstinate Resolution 80ArmorPurchased
Woven Shadow Chestplate 80ArmorDropped
Boots of the Vampire Slayer 80ArmorPurchased
Firewalker's Magmatic Spaulders 80ArmorPurchased
Firewalker's Magmatic Coif 80ArmorPurchased
Threaded Hauberk of Volcanic Percussion 80ArmorPurchased
Vanguard's Bloodsteel Chain Helmet 80ArmorDropped
Vanguard's Black Wolf Chain Gloves of Silence 80Armor 
Voidlink Cap of Roguish Charm 80ArmorPurchased
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