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deformed tin bar 0Item 
crude tin plate 0Item 
crude tin edge 0Item 
tin plate 0Item 
pristine tin plate 0Item 
bronze arrow head 0Item 
rough tin edge 0Item 
crude tin hammer head 0Item 
tin edge 0Item 
tin arrow head 0Item 
shaped tin edge 0Item 
roughhewn tin rings 0Item 
tin spear head 0Item 
tin blade 0Item 
tin hammer head 0Item 
tin axe head 0Item 
pristine tin hammer head 0Item 
pristine tin edge 0Item 
shaped tin plate 0Item 
solid tin plate 0Item 
shaped tin hammer head 0Item 
tin shank 0Item 
crushed tin veil 0Item 
single tin clasp 0Item 
nicked tin cup 0Item 
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