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rye 0ItemHarvested
raw marjoram 0ItemHarvested
blue succulent 0ItemHarvested
raw cinnamon 0ItemHarvested
almond 0ItemHarvested
acorn 0ItemHarvested
knotted ball of canvas yarn 0ItemCrafted
irregular canvas thread 0ItemCrafted
crude canvas cloth 0ItemCrafted
shaped canvas cloth 0ItemCrafted
pristine canvas cloth 0ItemCrafted
canvas cloth 0ItemCrafted
weather beaten canvas shirt 0Item 
bolt of canvas 0Item 
frayed canvas wall hanging 0Item 
seared canvas scarf 0Item 
shredded canvas quilt 0ItemDropped
burned canvas painting 0Item 
wild leek 0ItemPurchased, Harvested
belladonna root 0ItemPurchased, Harvested
beetleweed 0ItemPurchased, Harvested
beetleweed 0ItemPurchased, Harvested
bellflower 0ItemPurchased, Harvested
poison oak 0ItemPurchased, Harvested
plantain 0ItemPurchased, Harvested
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