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rolled oat 0ItemHarvested
raw honey 0ItemHarvested
raw shallot 0ItemHarvested
cashew 0ItemHarvested
knotted ball of broadcloth yarn 0ItemCrafted
irregular broadcloth thread 0ItemCrafted
pristine broadcloth cloth 0ItemCrafted
crude broadcloth cloth 0ItemCrafted
shaped broadcloth cloth 0ItemCrafted
broadcloth cloth 0ItemCrafted
shabby broadcloth cloak 0Item 
rundown broadcloth skirt 0Item 
scorched broadcloth robe 0Item 
weather beaten broadcloth dress 0Item 
riddled broadcloth dress 0Item 
tattered broadcloth cape 0Item 
burned broadcloth apron 0Item 
bolt of broadcloth 0Item 
slashed broadcloth tapestry 0Item 
dilapidated broadcloth mat 0Item 
torn broadcloth coat 0Item 
shredded broadcloth cloak 0Item 
bitter nutmeg 0ItemPurchased, Harvested
sumach 0ItemPurchased, Harvested
sneezeweed 0ItemPurchased, Harvested
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