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Supreme Blackguard's Despotic Chausses 90ArmorDropped
Supreme Blackguard's Despotic Coif 90Armor 
Supreme Blackguard's Despotic Wristguard 90ArmorDropped
Transcendent Eliminator's Despotic Cuffs 90ArmorDropped
Transcendent Eliminator's Despotic Coif 90ArmorDropped
Legguards of Sooted Links 90ArmorDropped
Snake Etched Cuirass of the Queen 90ArmorDropped
Ca'Na Headpiece of Impaling 90ArmorDropped
Libant Elite Leggings 90ArmorDropped
Elysian Spaulders of the Maestro 90Armor 
Coif of Rigorous Striking 90ArmorDropped, Purchased
Venomous Shadowfyre Coif 90Armor 
Elite Reconnaissance Greaves 90ArmorDropped, Purchased
Deific Rhapsodist's Chausses 90Armor 
Transcendent Eliminator's Chausses 90Armor 
Supreme Blackguard's Spaulders 90Armor 
Supreme Blackguard's Hauberk 90Armor 
Transcendent Eliminator's Hauberk 90Armor 
Transcendent Eliminator's Spaulders 90Armor 
Transcendant Eliminator's Reinforced Chausses 90Armor 
Spectral Chain Leggings 90ArmorDropped
Gemmed Chain Armguards of Delving 90ArmorDropped
090_07_scout_hands_2 90Armor 
Sullon's Vengeance 90WeaponDropped
Obsidian War Bow 90WeaponDropped