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Djinn and Tonic (Alcoholic) 0Purchased
Weak Beer (Alcoholic) 0Purchased
Brokenskull Pirate Rum (Alcoholic) 0Purchased
Dwarven Brew (Alcoholic) 0Purchased
Fermented Pomegranate Moonshine (Alcoholic) 0Crafted
Bandage 0Ammo 
Repair Supplies 0Ammo 
Trapping Bait 0Ammo 
Fishing Bait 0Ammo 
fulginate arrow 0Ammo 
salvaged fulginate throwing shard 0Ammo 
salvaged indium throwing shard 0Ammo 
makeshift indium arrow 0Ammo 
indium arrow 0Ammo 
feyiron arrow 0Ammo 
salvaged feyiron throwing shard 0Ammo 
Swift Slicer 0AmmoQuest Reward, Quest Item
test wand ammo 0Ammo 
noxious test wand ammo 0Ammo 
Indium Sling Bullet 0Ammo 
Iron Sling Bullet 0Ammo 
Fulginate Sling Bullet 0Ammo 
Sling Bullet 0Ammo 
Sling Bullet 0Ammo 
Tin Sling Bullet 0Ammo