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Bulwark's Twist of the Crusade 90AccessoryDropped
Shaped Fashioned Palladium Bangle 22Accessory 
Hammered Armlet of the Priest 10Accessory 
Wanderer's Band of the Soldier 16Accessory 
Bracelet of the Keeper 54AccessoryDropped
Enameled Dragon Scale Armband of Faith 60Accessory 
Arcane Band of the Stoic 71Accessory 
Stardust Bracelet 40Accessory 
Draconic Band of the Nimble 80Accessory 
Heavy Brass Shackles 84AccessoryPurchased
shaped fashioned gold bangle 16AccessoryCrafted
Arcane Band of Fangs 71Accessory 
Thunder Magi's Manacle 10AccessoryDropped
Sculptor's Armlet 75Accessory 
Blessed Scarab Manacle 40AccessoryDropped
Bangle of the Watered Earth Spirits 90AccessoryDropped
Fashioned Diamondine Bangle 40Accessory 
Forsaken Armlet of Disdain 79AccessoryDropped
The Master's Bangle 79AccessoryDropped
Overking's Band of Prophets 66Accessory 
soul sapper's dried webbing 46Accessory 
shaped fashioned vanadium bangle 48Accessory 
Wristlet of Seizurous Assault 90AccessoryDropped
Othmir Shaman's Bangle 88AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item
Quellious Touched Martial Bracelet 50AccessoryDropped
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