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Flame-Grilled Kobold Chop 80FoodCrafted
Pureed Artichoke Dip 50FoodCrafted, Quest Item
delectable pan seared grouper 10Food 
sliced apple 30FoodPurchased
squash pie 60FoodCrafted, Quest Item
Cherry Glazed Seahorse Roe 80FoodCrafted
delectable baked grouper 10Food 
bear pasta 30FoodCrafted
savory beer braised deer 1Food 
Bear Sandwich 30FoodCrafted, Quest Item
delectable manticore casserole 40FoodCrafted
delectable honey cookie 30FoodCrafted
apple pie 30FoodCrafted
Lion Sandwich 20FoodCrafted, Quest Item
Baked Blowfish 40FoodCrafted, Quest Item
Fresh Fruit 30Food 
savory trout jerky 40FoodCrafted
delectable cichlid casserole 10Food 
cheesy spaghetti 70FoodPurchased
bland basil soup broth 1Food 
delectable sunfish jerky 1Food 
delectable grilled blowfish 40FoodCrafted
xegonberry cookie 60FoodCrafted, Quest Item
bland coriander grilled caiman 50Food 
baked flounder 1Food 
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