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Cranberry Beer 70DrinkCrafted
Strong-Brewed Cherry Beer 80DrinkCrafted
refreshing corn malted milk 40DrinkCrafted
Dwarven Ale 10Drink 
Ettin Flavored Frappe 80DrinkCrafted
dark water 1Drink 
watery big fayberry 20DrinkCrafted
Savory Mead 10DrinkCrafted
Delectable Coffee 10DrinkCrafted
chilled golden monkey 40DrinkCrafted
Iced Caynar Coffee 80DrinkCrafted
flask of airy water 60DrinkPurchased
Artery Punch 50DrinkCrafted, Quest Item
Succulent and Torsis Tea Fizzlepop 70DrinkCrafted
green tea 30DrinkCrafted
sazzpazilla 0DrinkQuest Reward, Quest Item
artichoke kalish 50Drink 
Iced Maj'dul Coffee 50DrinkCrafted, Quest Item
Rilissian Stimulant Brew 70DrinkCrafted
chilled creamed robust coffee 40DrinkCrafted
refreshing wild apple beer 30DrinkCrafted
Frothy Amber Ale 70DrinkPurchased
Inquisitor's Port 40Drink 
Iced Marr Cherry Tea 80DrinkCrafted
oro brew 0DrinkQuest Reward, Quest Item
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