architect's shoes  

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architect's shoes
+6 sta   +16 agi
+105 vs arcane
10 Ability Modifier
Cloth Armor (Feet)

NameLevelZoneGrants AADrop Rate
The Rot Incarnate36   vNektulos Mini 02Yes1.4286%
Master Of The Hounds34-35   vNektulos Mini 02Yes1.4286%
Snapsnout37-38   ^The Underrot CavernsYes1.4286%
Mustcoat39   ^The Underrot CavernsYes1.4286%
T'Volt The Sparkcaster36   v vNektulos Mini 02Yes1.4286%
Dravix The Torchbearer35   vNektulos Mini 02Yes1.4286%
An Oculus Coercer40   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Chamber of RulgaxNo0.500%
A Mireworm36-37   ^ ^ ^ HeroicRunnyeyeNo0.500%
Lord Rulgax43   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Chamber of RulgaxYes0.500%
An Oculus Sorcerer38   ^   to   ^ ^ HeroicThe Chamber of RulgaxNo0.500%
A Runnyeye Healer38-41   vRunnyeyeNo0.500%
A Runnyeye Crusader38-41   ^RunnyeyeNo0.500%
An Oculus Soothsayer38   ^ ^ HeroicThe Chamber of RulgaxNo0.500%
A Runnyeye Assassin38-41   vRunnyeyeNo0.500%
A Runnyeye Diviner38-41   vRunnyeyeNo0.500%
A Runnyeye Clubber38-41   vRunnyeyeNo0.500%
A Runnyeye Warlock38-41   vRunnyeyeNo0.500%