Celebrations of the Dead IV  

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Celebrations of the Dead IV

Introduced in 2011, this Nights of the Dead recipe scroll introduces 19 new recipes. It can be purchased from your local a Nights of the Dead Merchant for 60s, 90c .

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Items in Scroll

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Bench of the Befallen
Broken Ark
Broken Canopic Jar
Chained Spider
Crawling Captive
Creepy Candylabra
Creepy Cracked Pot
Creepy Giftbox
Dingy Giftbox
Doomed Ettin Skull
Doomed Froglok Skull
Freeblood Urn
Hanging Torturous Traps
Oversized Bone Barrier
Oversized Candy Corn
Scratchy Hay Pile
Sinister Web Spider Banner
Table of the Befallen
Torturous Flames
Nights of the Dead
(Introduced in 2011)

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