Heroic Dash (Adept)  

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Spell Summary
Heroic Dash (Adept)
Casting0.5 second
Recovery0.5 second
Recast20 seconds

  • Applies Heroic Dash when Activated.
    • Applies Knockdown
    • Increase blurvision of target by 6
    • Unparsed [KnockbackSpellEffectTemplate]
    • Stuns target
    • Unparsed [MeleeAttackSpellEffectTemplate]
    • Increase Threat to target by 1230
NameLevelZoneGrants AADrop Rate
The Keeper Of Ethernere11   ^The GraveyardYes0.8997%
Hangman San'toth13   ^The GraveyardYes0.7584%
Slayn Brokentusk12-13   ^The RuinsYes0.482%
Gloomstalker10-11   ^The SprawlYes0.482%
The Basalt Watcher13   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Forest RuinsYes0.4499%
The Klicnik Queen16   ^AntonicaYes0.4499%
N`Almia The Corruptor11   -Oakmyst ForestYes0.4499%
Stoneclaw20   ^AntonicaYes0.4499%
Mireclaw16   ^The Thieves' WayYes0.4499%
Icsillinatis The Marrow Fiend17   ^The CommonlandsYes0.4499%
The Darkpaw Fanglord19   ^AntonicaYes0.4499%
Ambassador Jalanderra11   -Oakmyst ForestYes0.4499%
Coldwind King Crab13   ^AntonicaNo0.4499%
Ferith`Anar11   ^ ^ ^ HeroicOakmyst ForestYes0.4499%
Rotweed13   ^ ^ ^ HeroicOakmyst ForestYes0.4499%
Lady Faideth16-18   ^AntonicaYes0.4499%
Kinloc Flamepaw's Remains12   v v vThe Forest RuinsYes0.4499%
Holly Windstalker20   ^AntonicaYes0.4499%
Grubdigger15   ^ ^ ^ HeroicOakmyst ForestYes0.4499%
Lord Rison18   ^AntonicaYes0.4499%
The Windstalker Rumbler21   ^ ^ ^ Epic x2AntonicaYes0.4499%
Koduhl Brokentusk14-15   ^The RuinsYes0.4177%
Splitpaw Scout21   ^ ^ ^ HeroicBlackburrowYes0.3856%
Dregh Brokentusk11   ^The RuinsYes0.3856%
Ghi'Zard The Worg Master18   ^ ^ HeroicThe Wailing CavesYes0.3535%
Lord Ree18   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Wailing CavesYes0.3535%
Kyllik The Fated17   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Wailing CavesYes0.3535%
Advisor Kre'lak16   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Wailing CavesYes0.3535%
Mess Sergeant Slogg16   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Wailing CavesYes0.3535%
Punisher Kharg16   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Wailing CavesYes0.3535%
The Spirit Of General Zherg17   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Wailing CavesYes0.3535%
A Brokentusk Sergeant14-15   ^The RuinsYes0.3213%
A Brokentusk Warchief11   ^The RuinsNo0.3213%
King Itchhide10   ^The Peat BogYes0.2249%
Judge Eunomia11   ^Oakmyst ForestYes0.2249%
Empress Anassa11   ^ ^ HeroicOakmyst ForestNo0.2249%
A Murkwater Infiltrator10-11   -The Thieves' WayNo0.2249%
A Fallen Champion20   v v vThe CommonlandsNo0.2249%
Dante Sewershank14   ^The CommonlandsNo0.2249%
High Priest Of Val`Marr20   -The CommonlandsYes0.2249%
Ghost Of Vhalen20   ^AntonicaYes0.2249%
The Sun Wolf12   ^The Peat BogYes0.2249%
Marius Darkblade12   ^The Thieves' WayNo0.2249%
Reetusk15   ^The CommonlandsYes0.2249%
Slaverjaw16   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe CavesYes0.2249%
Overseer Melicinn20   ^The CommonlandsNo0.2249%
Yanari Cyellann14   vCastleview HamletNo0.2249%
Sludgefeast11   ^Oakmyst ForestNo0.2249%
Commander Grik'Sna15   -The CommonlandsYes0.2249%
Ohrgran Foulgore15   ^The CommonlandsYes0.2249%
Brackencoat15   ^The CommonlandsYes0.2249%
The Devoured13   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe CavesYes0.2249%
Lady Darkblade11   ^The Thieves' WayNo0.2249%
Silentsting12   ^The CommonlandsNo0.2249%
Smithy Slampaw10   -The CavesNo0.2249%
Stingfate13   ^The CommonlandsNo0.2249%
Commander Du'Nar16   -The CommonlandsYes0.2249%
A Bloodskull Warrior16   v v v   to   ^The CommonlandsNo0.2249%
Desmodontidae16   ^AntonicaYes0.2249%
Charapace12   ^The CommonlandsNo0.2249%
An Unstable Globule20   -The Serpent SewerNo0.2249%
The Spectral Headmaster13   vThe Forest RuinsNo0.2249%
The Underwurm17   ^The CommonlandsYes0.2249%
Captain Garglass14   ^The CommonlandsYes0.2249%
Atramentor14   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe CavesYes0.2249%
Ungruthar The Juggernaut19   ^ ^ HeroicThe Shattered ValeYes0.2249%
Xrinchel12   ^The CommonlandsNo0.2249%
Captain Riplung11   vThe Forest RuinsYes0.2249%
Scholar Neola11   ^Oakmyst ForestNo0.2249%
Dig Supervisor T'narl11   vThe Forest RuinsYes0.2249%
Lurkblister15   ^The Peat BogYes0.2249%
Renux The Undying16   ^AntonicaYes0.2249%
Sunclaw16   ^The CommonlandsYes0.2249%
A Festering Cadaver15   ^The CommonlandsNo0.2249%
Dustcaller Sleg11   ^ ^ HeroicThe CavesYes0.2249%
An Ancient Dasher20   -The Serpent SewerNo0.2249%
A Steelbone Ancestor11-12   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Sepulcher of JhandaNo0.2249%
A Dark Coven Conjuror16-18   ^AntonicaNo0.2249%
A Fallen Champion20   v v vThe CommonlandsNo0.2249%
A Sabertooth Pack Lord20   ^AntonicaYes0.2249%
A Coldwind Lunker14   ^AntonicaYes0.2249%
Thrumplate10   ^The CommonlandsNo0.2249%
Tinshen Brinth's Remains11   v v vThe Forest RuinsYes0.2249%
A Sporeal Propogator7   v v vThe Peat BogYes0.2249%
Gutgnasher17   ^The CommonlandsYes0.2249%
Guardian Ankhemaufut25   ^ ^ HeroicThe Deathly Scarab HiveYes0.2249%
Commander Dvin L'Crit21   ^ ^ ^ HeroicFallen GateYes0.2249%
Captain Surestout16   ^The CommonlandsYes0.2249%
Soulspike15   ^ ^ HeroicThe Wailing CavesYes0.1928%
A Sabertooth Hero16   ^ ^ ^ HeroicBlackburrowYes0.1542%
The Scarecrow King1   ^ ^ ^ Epic x2AntonicaYes0.1285%
A Sabertooth Pack Leader15   ^ ^ HeroicThe Shattered ValeNo0.0771%
Fishfang The Angler13   ^BlackburrowYes0.0321%
A Union Mender Local 8588-9   v v vThe Thieves' WayNo0.0257%
A Union Member Local 8588-9   v vThe Thieves' WayNo0.0257%