an elemental summoned core  

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an elemental summoned core
It appears that this item could be studied to learn more about the nature of the elemental.

NameLevelZoneGrants AADrop Rate
A Nizari Flame Guardian73   ^ ^ ^ HeroicNizara, City of the NayadNo21%
A Fascinated Sentinel38-40   vA Maj'Dul ResidenceNo21%
Spirit Of The Elements56   ^ ^ ^ Epic x2LavastormYes21%
A Flame Tornado60   ^The Pillars of FlameNo21%
A Ridgestone Trampler65   -The Barren SkyNo21%
A Degenerated Guardian86   ^ ^ ^ HeroicVasty Deep: The ConservatoryNo21%
A Bound Watcher10-12   -The Forest RuinsNo21%
A Treespirit Seer54-55   -The Lesser FaydarkNo21%
A Treespirit Piercer54-55   -The Lesser FaydarkNo21%
Nameless Druid1   v v vKylong PlainsNo21%
The Lord Of Endless Flame68   ^ ^ ^ Epic x2The Forsaken CityNo21%
A Mere Guardian15-16   -The CommonlandsNo21%
A Geopet Guardian91-92   v v vEastern WastesNo21%
90   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4Underfoot DepthsNo21%
Jinnae63   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Sinking SandsYes21%
A Sablevein Crumbler2-3   vDarklight WoodNo21%
A Water Elemental70-72   v v vFens of NathsarNo21%
1   v v vThe Stonebrunt HighlandsNo21%
A Sablevein Pulverizer4   vDarklight WoodNo21%
The Geyser Of Anuk52   ^The Sinking SandsYes21%
A Recoil Sentinel58   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Silent CityNo21%
Guardian Of Flame4   ^ ^ ^ HeroicAn Ethereal RiftYes21%
A Sandstone Construct43-44   ^ ^ Heroic   to   ^ ^ ^ Epic x2The Eternal Gorge: Arcane Scientists ExpeditionNo21%
Summoned Water Elemental18   vThe Three TowersNo21%
A Quarry Abomination26-27   -Butcherblock MountainsNo21%
A Rime Icebound Battler1   -Jarsath WastesNo21%
Standard Of Rageburner90   ^ ^ ^ HeroicSpire of RageNo21%
Blazebody97   ^ ^ ^ Epic x3Eastern WastesYes21%
Pure Water66   ^ ^ ^ HeroicNew TunariaNo21%
A Newly Summoned Warden72   ^ ^ ^ Epic x3Trials of the AwakenedNo21%
An Elemental Blaze81   ^ ^ HeroicNu'rogaNo21%
The Second Flame66   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Forsaken CityNo21%
An Underfoot Hardstomper78-79   -The Sundered FrontierNo21%
Standard Of Ragecrusher90   ^ ^ ^ HeroicSpire of RageNo21%
A Water Elemental25   vGreater FaydarkNo21%
Maridia63   ^ ^ ^ HeroicMaj'DulNo21%
Element Of Earth32   -KaladimNo21%
Malignant Tear Of Aaryonar69   ^ ^ ^ HeroicPalace of the AwakenedNo21%
Haephaus98   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4Underfoot DepthsYes21%
A Sablevein Digger5   vDarklight WoodNo21%
Pure Water63   ^ ^ ^ HeroicNew TunariaNo21%
The Life Leech92   ^ ^ ^ HeroicCrystal Caverns: CollapseYes21%
Pure Fire62   ^ ^ ^ HeroicNew TunariaNo21%
A Living Lava Splash46-50   v v v   to   ^ ^ HeroicThe Sanctum of FireNo21%
A Fire Elemental80   ^ ^ ^ HeroicJarsath WastesNo21%
Yaalax98   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4Underfoot DepthsYes21%
The Frozen Corrival95   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4Icy Keep: RetributionYes21%
A Water Spirit65   ^ ^ ^ HeroicNew TunariaNo21%
A Pool Elemental67   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Forsaken CityNo21%
A Flame Spirit48   ^The Sanctum of FireNo21%
A Flight Stone90   ^ ^ HeroicThe Outer VaultNo21%
A Summoned Construct27   vButcherblock MountainsNo21%
Brappalec87   ^ ^ ^ HeroicVasty Deep: The ConservatoryYes21%
A Living Glacier90-91   ^Great DivideNo21%
A Soul Ember50-51   ^ ^ Heroic   to   ^ ^ ^ HeroicNektropos Castle: The ReturnNo21%
An Underfoot Levitatestone79   vThe Sundered FrontierNo21%
A Frigid Current47   v   to   -EverfrostNo21%
An Elemental Blaze81-80   ^ ^ HeroicNu'rogaNo21%
1   v v vThe Vasty DeepNo21%
The Construct Of Alacrity68   ^ ^ ^ HeroicTrials of the AwakenedYes21%
Will Of Phrotis80   v v v   to   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Crypt of VoxNo21%
Power Of Fire80   v v vThe Crypt of VoxNo21%
The Frozen Corrival83   ^ ^ ^ Epic x2The Icy Keep (Hard)Yes21%
A Calcified Malefic Extrusion1   v v vThe Outer VaultNo21%
Enraged Elemental Being10-13   ^ ^ ^ Epic x2The Shattered Vale: A Bold ConfrontationYes21%
Wild Flame Of Abyss64   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Forsaken CityNo21%
86   vThe Stonebrunt HighlandsNo21%
A Lesser Earthen Manifestation66-67   -The BonemireNo21%
Air Elemental1   v v vGreat DivideNo21%
Crag92   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Outer VaultYes21%
A Moss Covered Centurion87   ^ ^ ^ HeroicVasty Deep: The ConservatoryNo21%
A Fire Elemental9-10   vThe Shattered ValeNo21%
A Treespirit Seer52-53   -The Lesser FaydarkNo21%
Inferno Elemental98   ^ ^ ^ Epic x3Underfoot DepthsYes21%
Summoned Earth Elemental37   ^ ^ HeroicThe Three TowersNo21%
Summoned Fire Elemental18   vThe Three TowersNo21%
A Sea Splash52   vThe Sinking SandsNo21%
If'freet63   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Pillars of FlameYes21%
An Earthcrafted Champion16-17   -Valley of the Rogue MagiNo21%
A Conjured Fire Elemental10   ^ ^ ^ Heroica six room house, version 1No21%
A Mysterious Portal40-45   v v vRivervaleNo21%
A Stone Ward90   ^ ^ ^ Epic x2Underfoot DepthsNo21%
Sparerib97   ^ ^ ^ Epic x2Citadel of V'uulYes21%
The Fire Witch64   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4The Court of Al'AfazYes21%
A Nizari Aqueous Guardian71-72   ^ ^ HeroicNizara, City of the NayadNo21%
An Unstable Flamewatcher91   ^Eastern WastesNo21%
Power Of Earth80   v v vThe Crypt of VoxNo21%
King Speleothem86   ^ ^ HeroicThe Stonebrunt HighlandsYes21%
Onyxlam47   ^ ^ ^ HeroicSolusek's EyeYes21%
A Najenaar Scorchtroop85   ^ ^ ^ HeroicWard of ElementsNo21%
Enmity Of Naar'Yora72   ^ ^ ^ HeroicPalace of the AwakenedYes21%
A Boulder Dasher79-80   vThe Sundered FrontierNo21%
Pure Soil65   ^ ^ ^ HeroicNew TunariaNo21%
A Dune Twister77-78   -The Sundered FrontierNo21%
A River Stone25-27   -Nektulos ForestNo21%
An Aqua Aggressor73   -Fens of NathsarNo21%
An Undertow Puppet41-42   vRivervaleNo21%
A Flame Elemental67   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Forsaken CityNo21%
An Air Elemental9-10   vThe Shattered ValeNo21%
K'huthas74   ^ ^ ^ HeroicNizara, City of the NayadYes21%
A Nizari Flame Guardian73   ^ ^ ^ HeroicNizara, City of the NayadNo21%
A Treespirit Crusher57-58   -The Lesser FaydarkNo21%
A Stonebrunt Crusher86   -The Stonebrunt HighlandsNo21%
A Treespirit Dirtcaller52-53   -The Lesser FaydarkNo21%
A Treespirit Scryer57-58   -The Lesser FaydarkNo21%
An Iceflow8-9   -Frostfang SeaNo21%
A Mystical Entangler59-60   -The Mystic LakeNo21%
1   v v vFrostfang SeaNo21%
A Ferocious Whirlwind63-64   ^The Barren SkyNo21%
Ixode1   v v vThe Barren SkyNo21%
A Rime Hydrolated Battler77-78   ^Jarsath WastesNo21%
A Spirit Lake Rivulet34-35   v vZek, the Orcish WastesNo21%
An Inactive Geopet Guardian1   v v vEastern WastesNo21%
A Rampaging Elemental29   ^A Gnoll CaveYes21%
A Preserver Of The Sacred50-51   -   to   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Infernal Forge of AgesNo21%
79-80   -The Sundered FrontierNo21%
An Elemental Flamekeeper90   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4Underfoot DepthsNo21%
The Cascade Devourer68   ^ ^ ^ HeroicPalace of the AwakenedYes21%
An Earthen Manifestation66-67   ^The BonemireNo21%
A Fire Spartan90   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4Underfoot DepthsNo21%
An Unbound Construct25   vButcherblock MountainsNo21%
Slam Crushingfoot90   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Outer VaultYes21%
A Dissipated Toiler21   ^ ^ HeroicSundered SplitpawNo21%
A Temple Protector63   ^ ^ ^ Epic x2The Silent CityNo21%
Spirit Of Water54   ^ ^ ^ HeroicLavastormNo21%
A Rage Elemental97   ^ ^ ^ HeroicSpire of RageNo21%
An Aqueous Serpent59-60   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4The Silent CityNo21%
A Tidewalker Juggernaut21   ^AntonicaNo21%
Glory55   ^ ^ ^ HeroicMaj'DulNo21%
A Solar Fiend90   ^ ^ ^ HeroicSpirit's ResonanceNo21%
A Triggered Guardian34   ^   to   ^ ^ HeroicButcherblock MountainsNo21%
Fire Of Zek94   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Vigilant: RescueNo21%
A Boulder Elemental72   ^ ^ ^ Heroic   to   ^ ^ ^ Epic x2Xux'laio's RoostNo21%
A Strong Tornado81   ^The Sundered FrontierYes21%
Floodwhip60   ^ ^ ^ Epic x2The Silent CityNo21%
The Avatar Of Sableflame40   ^ ^ ^ Epic x2Darklight WoodNo21%
A Nizari Aqueous Guardian71-72   ^ ^ HeroicNizara, City of the NayadNo21%
A Repulser Sentinel59-60   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4The Silent CityNo21%
A Flame Tornado57-58   -The Pillars of FlameNo21%
Kortaag96   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe HoleYes21%
Cranioxyth94   ^ ^ HeroicThe False SepulcherYes21%
An Oakmyst Royal Defender9-10   ^Oakmyst ForestNo21%
The Burning Soul53   ^ ^ ^ HeroicNektropos Castle: The ReturnYes21%
Element Of Air60   ^Loping PlainsNo21%
A Treespirit Dirtcaller54-55   -The Lesser FaydarkNo21%
Alangria54   ^ ^ ^ Epic x2PermafrostYes21%
1   -The Hedge HollowNo21%
A Rumbling Geode92   v v vEastern WastesNo21%
A Najenaar Cindershock85   ^ ^ ^ Epic x2Ward of ElementsNo21%
An Aqueous Assistant15-16   -Valley of the Rogue MagiNo21%
A Fiery Occlusion69   vPalace of the AwakenedNo21%
A Dust Devil50   -The Sinking SandsNo21%
An Earthen Rumbler17-18   -The CommonlandsNo21%
A Petrified Crusher94   ^ ^ HeroicElements of WarNo21%
Garudon84   ^ ^ ^ HeroicVeksar: The Sunken TheaterNo21%
An Aqueous Serpent59-60   ^ ^ ^ Epic x2The Silent CityNo21%
A Flamestalker49   ^ ^ Heroic   to   ^ ^ ^ HeroicSolusek's EyeNo21%
Regulus98   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4Underfoot DepthsYes21%
Daoa63   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Clefts of RujarkNo21%
A Temple Defender59-60   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4The Silent CityNo21%
A Tallonite Hunter-seeker96   ^ ^ ^ HeroicStrategist's StrongholdYes21%
Test Of Time97   ^ ^ ^ HeroicTower of TacticsNo21%
A Molten Sphere91   -Eastern WastesNo21%
1   v v vThe Stonebrunt HighlandsNo21%
Power Of Air80   v v vThe Crypt of VoxNo21%
A Sea Spray52   v v vThe Sinking SandsNo21%
Simulacrum Of Saalax98   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4Underfoot DepthsYes21%
A Tidewalker Titan18   ^AntonicaYes21%
Najenaar Flamelord5   ^   to   ^ ^ HeroicNajena's Hollow TowerNo21%
A Fiery Defender71-72   ^ ^ HeroicNizara, City of the NayadNo21%
A Sodden Arenea55   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Living TombsNo21%
Xaalax98   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4Underfoot DepthsYes21%
Spirit Of Water67-68   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Den of the DevourerNo21%
A Water Elemental67-68   v   to   -The Den of the DevourerNo21%
A Summoned Fire Snake1   ^Miragul's Phylactery: The CrucibleNo21%
A Trial Earth Elemental8   vQeynos Bank interiorNo21%
A Sinister Fluidity67-68   ^ ^ ^ HeroicPalace of the AwakenedNo21%
A Cave Condensation34-35   ^Nektulos Mini 02No21%
A Spellbound Guardian38-39   -A Maj'Dul ResidenceNo21%
A Fire Elemental68-69   ^ ^ HeroicSteamfont MountainsNo21%
A Treespirit Piercer52-53   -The Lesser FaydarkNo21%
A Sodden Arenea55   -The Silent CityNo21%
A Mesmerized Toiler21   ^ ^ ^ HeroicSundered SplitpawNo21%
A Water Spirit55   ^New TunariaNo21%
1   v v vThe Stonebrunt HighlandsNo21%
The Frozen Corrival2   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Icy Keep: The Return (Heroic)Yes21%
The Direstone Trampler68   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Mystic LakeYes21%
Summoned Earth Elemental19   vThe Three TowersNo21%
Anaximena1   v v vStrategist's StrongholdNo21%
Gur'gul The Warden72   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4Trials of the AwakenedYes21%
A Voice On The Wind25   ^ ^ ^ HeroicButcherblock MountainsNo21%
An Elemental Defender60   ^The Mystic LakeNo21%
A Sablevein Rockbiter3   -Darklight WoodYes21%
An Animated Hedge1   ^ ^ HeroicThe Hedge HollowNo21%
Spirit Of Air54   ^ ^ ^ HeroicLavastormNo21%
A Rolling Rampager90   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4Underfoot DepthsNo21%
A Geopet Rock1   v v vEastern WastesNo21%
A Repelling Waterburst10   v v vThe Mystic LakeNo21%
The First Flame66   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Forsaken CityNo21%
Strength Of Zek95   ^ ^ ^ Epic x2The Vigilant: Final DestructionNo21%
A Mineral Elemental67   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Forsaken CityNo21%
A Trampling Rumbler4-5   vFrostfang SeaNo21%
A Forgotten Sentinel10-12   v vThe Forest RuinsNo21%
A Sand Whirl77-78   vThe Sundered FrontierNo21%
A Stonebrunt Stalagmaw86   v   to   -The Stonebrunt HighlandsNo21%
Najenaar Waterlord5   ^   to   ^ ^ HeroicNajena's Hollow TowerNo21%
A Shifting Ethereal Elemental80   ^ ^ ^ HeroicKunzar JungleNo21%
A Dark Nimbus1   v v vBefallen: Halls of the ForsakenNo21%
A Docile Air Elemental68-69   ^Kylong PlainsNo21%
Summoned Earth Elemental27   vThe Three TowersNo21%
An Air Elemental80   ^ ^ ^ HeroicKylong PlainsNo21%
A Temple Protector62   ^ ^ ^ Epic x2   to   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4The Silent CityNo21%
A Greater Boulder Elemental74   ^ ^ ^ Epic x2Xux'laio's RoostNo21%
A Docile Earth Elemental77-78   v v vKunzar JungleNo21%
A Nizari Water Guardian73   ^ ^ ^ HeroicNizara, City of the NayadNo21%
Summoned Earth Elemental47   ^ ^ ^ Epic x2The Three TowersNo21%
A Propulsion Sentinel60   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4The Silent CityNo21%
A Docile Fire Elemental80-81   ^Jarsath WastesNo21%
A Summoned Flare51-52   -LavastormNo21%
A Treespirit Thumper54-55   -The Lesser FaydarkNo21%
K'hazid74   ^ ^ ^ HeroicNizara, City of the NayadYes21%
A Sablevein Stonewalker5   vDarklight WoodNo21%
Jhal'Dolek70   ^ ^ HeroicSteamfont MountainsNo21%
A Lava Walker49-50   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Oratorium of ThyrNo21%
Psychomalleable Ice80-81   v v vJarsath WastesNo21%
A Lightning Elemental70-72   v v vFens of NathsarNo21%
Guardian Of Rathmana55   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4The SanctoriumYes21%
A Snowpack8-9   vFrostfang SeaNo21%
An Earthen Tumbler17-18   -The CommonlandsNo21%
A Forgotten Guardian8-10   -The Forest RuinsNo21%
A Tidewalker Goliath16-17   -AntonicaNo21%
A Rolling Stone5-6   -Frostfang SeaNo21%
Spirit Of Flame53   ^ ^ ^ HeroicLavastormNo21%
An Enraged Toiler21   ^Sundered SplitpawYes21%
Crushinator6   ^Frostfang SeaYes21%
Protectors Of The Flame46   -Maiden's GulchNo21%
A Harbinger Of Serilis21-22   ^ ^ ^ HeroicSundered SplitpawYes21%
A Sandstone Giant18-19   ^The CommonlandsNo21%
Spirit Of The Earth53   ^ ^ HeroicLavastormNo21%
A Large Elemental65   -Kylong PlainsNo21%
The Ridgestone Titan65   ^The Barren SkyYes21%
A Scintillating Blaze37-38   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Underrot CavernsNo21%
A Fiery Wind Waker90   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4Underfoot DepthsNo21%
Eidolon Of The Ancients44   ^Icespire SummitNo21%
Standard Of Ragefrost90   ^ ^ ^ HeroicSpire of RageNo21%
The Shimmerfiend60   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Silent CityYes21%
Element Of Water60   ^Enchanted LandsNo21%
An Entranced Glacier90   -Great DivideNo21%
Summoned Air Elemental17   vThe Three TowersNo21%
The Seraph Of The Stags47   ^ ^ ^ Epic x2EverfrostYes21%
A Docile Water Elemental71-72   ^Fens of NathsarNo21%
Ferocious Elemental80   ^ ^ ^ HeroicKunzar JungleNo21%
Zaalax98   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4Underfoot DepthsYes21%
A Repulser Sentinel59-60   ^ ^ Heroic   to   ^ ^ ^ Epic x2The Silent CityNo21%
Spirit Of The Fallen44   ^ ^ ^ HeroicIcespire SummitYes21%
Essence Of Pure Water55   -New TunariaNo21%
Element Of Fire60   ^LavastormNo21%
A Fiery Occlusion69-70   ^ ^ HeroicPalace of the AwakenedNo21%
A Whirling Guster73   -Fens of NathsarNo21%
A Greater Fire Elemental100   v v vLavastormNo21%
A Greater Boulder Elemental72   ^ ^ ^ Epic x2Xux'laio's RoostNo21%
An Arctic Cliffstrider90   -Great DivideNo21%
A Temple Defender59-60   ^ ^ ^ Epic x2The Silent CityNo21%
A Trial Fire Elemental9   vQeynos Bank interiorNo21%
A Forsaken Observer10-12   v vThe Forest RuinsNo21%
Protector Of Rathmana55   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4The SanctoriumYes21%
Goliathan63   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4The Silent CityYes21%
A Vehement Whirlstorm80   vThe Sundered FrontierNo21%
A Geopet Guardian1   v v vEastern WastesNo21%
Fibrodysaith94   ^ ^ HeroicThe False SepulcherYes21%
Doomsquall35   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Thundering SteppesYes21%
A Water Elemental9-10   vThe Shattered ValeNo21%
Simulacre Of Saalax98   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4Underfoot DepthsYes21%
A Released Elemental26-28   v   to   -A Gnoll CaveNo21%
A Magma Scolder1   -Fens of NathsarNo21%
A Solumite Titan46-47   ^   to   ^ ^ ^ HeroicSolusek's EyeNo21%
Khel'zil Ne'rha8   vElddar ArborYes21%
1   v v vThe False SepulcherYes21%
An Earth Elemental9-10   vThe Shattered ValeNo21%
A Whirling Ember70   ^ ^ ^ HeroicNektropos Castle: TribulationNo21%
A Malefic Extrusion91   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Outer VaultNo21%
A Nizari Water Guardian73   ^ ^ ^ HeroicNizara, City of the NayadNo21%
A Lightning Elemental25   vThe Thundering SteppesNo21%
Bearer Of The Carpus70   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4The BonemireYes21%
Saalax98   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4Underfoot DepthsYes21%
A Pile Of Rocks64   ^ ^ ^ Epic x2The Pillars of FlameYes21%
Horraastaas98   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4Underfoot DepthsYes21%
A Treespirit Barkstripper57-58   -The Lesser FaydarkNo21%
A Wind Elemental67   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Forsaken CityNo21%
Power Of Water80   v v vThe Crypt of VoxNo21%
A Stone Rampager90   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4Underfoot DepthsNo21%
Earthlord Abnu'kal67   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe BonemireYes21%
An Earthcrafted Guardian17-18   -Valley of the Rogue MagiNo21%
A Treespirit Thumper52-53   -The Lesser FaydarkNo21%
A Treespirit Leafcaller57-58   -The Lesser FaydarkNo21%
A Dracoplasm84   -Veksar: The Sunken TheaterNo21%
A Tidewalker Behemoth19-21   -AntonicaNo21%
A Living Lava Flow46   ^The Sanctum of FireNo21%
A Sedimentary Colossus31-32   -Butcherblock MountainsNo21%