Blessed Blackened Iron Sledgehammer  

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Blessed Blackened Iron Sledgehammer
White ( empty )
+17 sta   +17 wis
Glowing Blessing
Two-Handed Crushing
Damage22 - 125(20.9 Rating)
Delay7.0 seconds
All Fighters, All Mages, All Priests, Beastlord

  • When Equipped: [Glowing Blessing]
    • onCastAnySpell this spell has a 5% chance to cast Glowing Blessing
    • Increases the damage and healing amount of the caster's spells by 10

Recipe removed shortly after GU45 and replaced by blessed blackened iron sledge

Game Update #45
A Prophet Returns
Live: May 13, 2008

Categories: GU45 | EverQuest II
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