Truth insignia token  

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Truth insignia token
This token identifies the owner as a citizen of Maj'Dul who has pledged their allegiance to the Court of Truth.

NameLevelZoneGrants AADrop Rate
A Truth Guard60   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Court of TruthNo100%
Preceptor Jazeel55   -Maj'DulNo100%
Preceptor Jazeel55   -Champion's CourtNo100%
Taj As'ad50   v v vThe Sinking SandsNo100%
An Overachieving Truth Trainer52   vMaj'DulNo100%
Esmerelda The Seeress53   ^Maj'DulNo100%
Muyassar Zuhur55   v v vThe Court of TruthNo100%
An Enraged Medium52   -Maj'DulNo100%
A Bartering Merchant52-53   -Maj'DulNo100%
A Hired Preceptor55   -The ArenaNo100%
A Cheering Fan45-50   -The ArenaNo100%
A Truth Preceptor Apprentice51-52   vMaj'DulNo100%
A Maj'Dul Citizen50-52   -   to   ^Maj'DulNo100%
Champion Korza55   ^ ^ HeroicMaj'DulNo100%
Preceptor Kamal52-53   ^ ^ HeroicMaj'DulNo100%
An Affluent Citizen50-52   ^Maj'DulNo100%
A Truth Guard54-55   ^ ^ HeroicMaj'DulNo100%
A Truth Guard54   -   to   ^ ^ ^ HeroicMaj'DulNo100%
Shooter Shamia52   ^Maj'DulYes100%
A Fortune Teller51-52   -Maj'DulNo100%
A Maj'Dul Merchant50   -Maj'DulNo100%
A Truth Instructor53   vMaj'DulNo100%
Preceptor Yezmar54   ^ ^ HeroicChampion's CourtNo100%
An Excited Gambler50-51   ^Maj'DulNo100%
The Court Of Truth Consul50   -The Tower of the MoonNo100%
Ayala50   -Maj'DulNo100%
A Truth Jailor54   -Maj'DulNo100%
A Truth Tower Captain54   ^Maj'DulNo17%