a young sokokar  

a young sokokar
Casting2 seconds
Duration1 day
Recovery0.5 second

  • Applies Summon Sokokar when Activated.
    • Summons a pet sokokar

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Getting a Sokokar

Sokokar Access for Adventurers

Borbin Happens

  1. Cutting Your Teeth by Cutting Theirs (68) - Kill: 24 drolvarg scavengers
  2. A Watchful Eye (69) - Release An Essarr Hawk near Karnor's Castle
  3. My Enemy's Enemy (69) - Speak with the hill giant, Hrodryr
  4. Lynchpin's Abduction (70) - Rescue the sokokar, Lynchpin, from the drolvarg.
  5. Here in my Sokokar I Feel Safest of All (70) - Fly Lynchpin to Teren's Grasp and talk to Stewlin Vincent to get your very own pet sokokar!

Sokokar Access for Crafters


  1. Fangs Away! (68) - Make 1000 arrows from Drolvargfangs
  2. An Eye in the Sky (69) - Release an Essarr hawk near Karnor's Castle
  3. Sticking My Ore In (69) - Make a bunch of imbued ore
  4. Preparations for the Rescue (70) - Make 3 chain cutters
  5. Is It Good News? (70) - Speak to Stewlin Vincent in Teren's Grasp

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