Unholy Hunger (Adept)  

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Spell Summary
Unholy Hunger (Adept)
Casting0.5 second
Duration1.0 second
Recovery0.5 second
Recast2 seconds

  • Applies Unholy Hunger when Activated.
    • onAnyCombatHit this spell has a 8% chance to cast Unholy Strike
    • Inflicts 14 - 24 health disease damage on target
    • Restores 8 - 13 health disease damage on caster
NameLevelZoneGrants AADrop Rate
Elwyn Aquel9   ^Sunken CityYes0.3166%
Muck Raker7-8   ^Sunken CityYes0.3166%
A Rabid Badger6   ^The Forest RuinsNo0.2955%
Sir Ollin8-10   ^ ^ HeroicThe GraveyardYes0.2322%
Sir Xantille8-10   ^ ^ HeroicThe GraveyardYes0.2322%
Sir Ackmin8-10   ^ ^ HeroicThe GraveyardYes0.2322%
Sir Arlin8-10   ^ ^ HeroicThe GraveyardYes0.2322%
Sir Penan8-10   ^ ^ HeroicThe GraveyardYes0.2322%
Sir Breel8-10   ^ ^ HeroicThe GraveyardYes0.2322%
Bashmouth7   ^The Peat BogYes0.1477%
The Grounds Keeper16   ^The Down BelowYes0.1477%
Bittersting9   vThe Forest RuinsYes0.1477%
A Monitor Nest Matron7   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Peat BogYes0.1477%
A Sporeal Propogator7   v v vThe Peat BogYes0.0074%